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Academic Training for J-1 Students

What is Academic Training?

Academic training is designed to provide you with employment experience to complement your program of study in the U.S. Therefore the work must be directly related to your field of study and it must be appropriate for someone with your level of education. You may engage in academic training during your degree program and/or after the completion of your degree program as long as the total amount of training does not exceed the prescribed time limitations indicated below.


A J-l student is eligible for academic training if he or she

  • is in good academic standing or has successfully completed a program of study
  • is participating in academic training that is directly related to his or her major field of study
  • is authorized in advance to engage in academic training through written approval of The ISSO

Time Limitations

For undergraduate and predoctoral students, up to l8 months of academic training may be authorized, however academic training cannot exceed the length of your program of study. Students obtaining a doctorate may be eligible for 36 months of academic training. If you think you are eligible for 36 months of academic training, speak to an advisor at The ISSO.

The Academic Training must begin within 30 days of completion.

How to Apply (if your DS-2019 form is issued by Clark)

Step 1: Obtain a letter from your employer containing: an explanation of the goals and objectives of the proposed employment, the start and end dates of the employment (not to exceed the prescribed time limitations), the number of hours per week, the salary to be paid, the location of the training, and the supervisor's name and address.

Step 2: Bring your employer's letter and the attached form (Application Form for J-1 Student Academic Training) to your academic advisor and ask him/her to complete the form and return it to you.

Step 3: It is not necessary to have an appointment with someone in The ISSO to apply for academic training. Bring or send the letter from your employer and the completed application form to The ISSO. If everything is in order, The ISSO will authorize your academic training and make arrangements for issuing an DS-2019 document so that you may extend your permission to stay in the United States if necessary.

N.B. If you change employers after the authorization, you will need to repeat this procedure.