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Intercultural Student Clubs and Organizations

The student-run campus organizations below focus on the many facets of culture. (See a complete list of campus organizations)

Asian Culture Society (ACS)
Founded in 1986, the Asian Culture Society enhances the Clark community by providing opportunities to experience Asian cultures. It has also worked in conjunction with other organizations to sponsor international cultural celebrations.

Bahai Campus Association of Clark University (Bahai)
The Bahá'í Campus Association offers the Clark community a variety of ongoing programs and events based on the principles of the Bahá'í Faith.

Black Student Union (BSU)
The Black Student Union provides greater communication and unity among students by sharing cultural pride and promoting cultural awareness in the Clark community.

Caribbean African Student Association (CASA)
CASA aims to create and reinforce the sense of Caribbean and African cultural identity by eliminating cultural stereotypes and encouraging members to broaden their cultural perspectives.

Christian Campus Ministry (CCM)
Christian Campus Ministry is an interdenominational group that aims to provide a nurturing Christian community on campus andto show how Biblical Christianity speaks to personal and corporate needsof thepeople fromthe Clark community.

European Student Association
The European Student Association (ESA) aims to expand cultural horizons by offering a glimpse into the different regional and national elements of European cultures and societies.

Clark Hillel is the student group that celebrates Jewish culture, identity, pluralism, and community. Our programs include a wide range of Jewish holiday services, social events, informal classes, and social action programs.

International Students Association (ISA)
ISA promotes better relations among students of different cultures through a variety of intellectual, informative and entertaining events encouraging cross-cultural communication.

Latin American Student Association (LASO)
LASO provides a social atmosphere for students interested in learning and sharing Latin American culture, politics, and history.

Millennium Leadership Conference (MLC)
The Millennium Leadership Conference is designed to cultivate the inherent leadership qualities of college students who identify as ALANA.

Muslim Cultural Society (MCS)
Formerly the Muslim Students' Association, the Muslim Cultural Society (MCS) is committed to giving students at Clark a positive and realistic depiction of Muslims around the world. The MCS aims to bring the best of Muslim culture to the Clark Community.

Open aims to serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities. Allies of LGBTQ students are also a valuable part of the group, and aid in efforts to educate and spread awareness of LGBTQ issues.

Newman Association
The Newman Association of Catholic Students is a religious organization that serves the spiritual, social and emotional needs of Catholic members of the Clark community.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (UU)
UUFseeks to create an environment where students can gather for worship, service, pastoral care, community and interfaith dialogue with like-minded individuals.

Worcester Collegiate Christian Network (WCCN)
WCCN is a positive presence on Clark campus and the greater Worcester community with the goal of sharing the message and ministry of Jesus Christ. Events are open to all students, but cater to Christians and students who are interested in learning about…