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Mail Services

Clark University Mail Services provides a variety of postal services, including delivery of inter-office and US Mail, managing of mail centers, mail forwarding, nonprofit mailings, package and courier service, and postage metering to the Clark Community. The phone number for Mail Services is (508)793-7304.

Services We Provide

US Mail

Clark Mail Services receives deliver of USPS mail several times throughout the day. When received the mail is sorted and redistributed to the appropriate department or student mail box.

Inter-Office Mail

Mail addressed to a Clark University campus address is delivered to the address by Clark Mail Services. Undergraduate mail is delivered to each individual student box in the Student Mail Room. Faculty and Staff mail is delivered to its addressed department.

Metering Service

Mail metering is provided to all Clark University departments. Postal services offered include First Class, Priority, Express and Media. In addition, Clark Mail Services offers all Fed Ed services (Ground, Home and Express) to students as well as campus departments.

Mail Centers

Clark University Mail Services operates two mail centers, the Central Mailroom and the Student Mailroom. The Central Mailroom accepts USPS, Courier, Freight, Private Vendor and all other deliveries. The Central Mailroom sorts and delivers all incoming mail and parcels. The Student Mailroom sorts and delivers to student mailboxes all undergraduate student mail. Graduate student mail is generally delivered as department mail.

Student Mail Forwarding

First Class Mail for all Students, Faculty, and Staff is forwarded up until one year after their affiliation with the University ends. Please note that mail or parcels that are not USPS First Class can NOT be forwarded. This includes; Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL. Items which cannot be forwarded will be returned to sender.

Hours of Operation

Note:  All mail operations closed on Sundays



Student Mailroom Hours of Operation

Note:  All mail operations closed on Sundays


Extended Hours (January 16 - January 26)

Mon – Thurs:         8am – 8pm

Friday:                   8am – 5pm

Saturday:             10am – 3pm


Normal Hours of Operation (Resume January 27)

Mon-Fri:                10am – 5pm

Saturday:             11am – 3pm


Summer Hours of Operation (May 21 - August 27)

Mon-Fri:               10am – 3pm

Saturday:             Closed