University Police

Red Square Clark University Worcester MA

Think Smart, Stay Safe

Worcester is a great place to have fun, learn, and explore. But remember, you need to take the usual precautions when you go out, especially at night. Clark has created a safe environment on and around campus, but you need to stay aware and use your common sense.

Important Phone Numbers
University Operator—(508) 793-7711 (dial x0 from campus phone)
Escort—(508) 793-7777
University Directory—(508) 793-4411
University Police—(508) 793-7575


Lock your doors.

Travel with friends—safety in numbers is always best.

Take advantage of Clark 's safety options, like the Escort Service (x7777) and keep important phone numbers with you. Program your speed-dial!

Walk nearer to the center of a street if it's dark with no traffic.

Avoid dark, unfamiliar places.

Avoid encountering groups of strangers.

Use good judgment and safety sense at all times—be aware and stay alert.

Use one of the 61 emergency telephones on campus and be aware that the outdoor ones are located in areas where members of the University community could find themselves isolated and vulnerable.

Report lost IDs to University Police immediately.

Call University Police if you see anything suspicious.

Read your Clark e-mail account for campus/community updates.


Don't prop doors open to your residence hall or room.

Go into a stranger's apartment or get into a stranger's car.

Leave your drink unattended.

Accept drinks from strangers.


You have to travel alone, tell your friends where are you going, and when you will be back. You are walking alone, be confident. Know where you going.

You are walking and being followed by someone in a car, change your direction.