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Clark Safety Escort Service

The Clark Safety Escort Service is staffed by both undergraduate and graduate students and offers a two-tiered approach to arranging safe escorts for our community.

Three to four vans provide rides to our community from 4 p.m. - 4 a.m. daily throughout the academic sessions and will take riders (students and other community members) up to a quarter mile away from campus.

Students should call and request a ride by dialing the number listed below. After you receive your estimated time of arrival (ETA) from the dispatcher, it is your responsibility to be ready for the vans. To increase efficiency we have implemented a call back system if the Escort van is going to be significantly earlier or later than your given ETA.  Please keep an eye out for the vans and do not wait for them to call you when they are waiting outside, this would cause the vans to be late to the next destination. If you believe you have missed your van please call back for an updated ETA. Please note that you may be put on hold, by the dispatcher, and during particularly busy times we may not be able to take calls to off campus commercial locations.  We will always be able to take calls from and off campus commercial location back to campus regardless of how busy the shift may be.

Escort would also like to announce its new Van Tracker web application.  When you are given your ETA the dispatcher will also provide you with the van number that will be picking you up.  By clicking the link below and typing in your Clark University username and password you will be able to track the van that you will be picked up in.  This can be done by selecting the van number you were given, labeled Van 1-Van 5, on the Tracker application.  This tool is meant to be used while you still actively keep a look out for your van's arrival.

Link to the Van Tracker

Any questions, comments or suggestions about the Clark Safety Escort Service should be sent to either of the co-Directors, Takenya Carpenter or Will Cretinon.

The Clark Safety Escort Service headquarters is located within the Academic Commons, on the plaza level of the Goddard Library.

To access the Clark Safety Escort Service, dial x7777 on-campus, or (508) 793-7777 from an outside line.

**If you need assistance during non-Escort hours, please dial x7575 on campus, or (508) 793-7575 to reach University Police.

Escort Guidelines

  1. Do not talk on cell-phones in the van as it can be distracting to our drivers.
  2. Treat the vans with respect; whatever you bring in the van should come out with you. Also, please be easy on the van doors when opening/closing.
  3. If you have a specific request about your ride, let the dispatcher know when you first call.
  4. Always enter the van on the passenger side, as entering on the driver’s side can be dangerous in certain situations. Do not enter/exit the van until it has come to a complete stop.
  5. Again, please be on time! If you are late, it slows our service down for everyone throughout the night.

How to Use Escort

  1. Call Escort when you are ready to be picked up at x7777. Tell the dispatcher where you are, where you would like to go, and how many people need a ride.

  2. Wait for your ETA. If you hang up before your time is given, your request will not be processed. You will almost always be placed on hold while the dispatcher retrieves the ETA from your van.

  3. Be outside within the given time at the designated pick-up locations. The van will wait for you for approximately three minutes. Because of high call volume, we cannot call everyone back, so if you miss your ride you will need to call for a new ETA.

For details on Escort's routes please view the Area Coverage Map.