President David Angel speaking - Clark University

President's Office


August 6, 2012

I am writing to remind all of us about our responsibilities regarding program accessibility for visitors, students, prospective students, faculty, and staff who are unable to climb stairs or have other mobility restrictions. We have been working consistently to enhance the accessibility of our campus, and this summer's work on Downing Street, the Fuller Quadrangle, and the Sanford and Johnson residence halls will continue our progress in this regard. Unfortunately, accessibility restrictions remain, including at many of our off campus houses, and most glaringly, at 18–20–22 Downing Street.

We are not obligated under federal law to make all buildings fully accessible, despite our wish to do so. We are, however, required to make all of our programs accessible. Any programs housed in buildings without elevators must be made available on a non-discriminatory basis to anyone who is not physically able to access those offices.

As a practical matter, this requires each of us to schedule meetings in accessible locations and to be sensitive to the needs of those students, prospective students, parents, faculty, staff, and prospective faculty and staff who are coming to campus to obtain our educational or support services. If a person is unable to come to your office, you should offer to go to them. If you are the point of contact for a visitor to our campus who has mobility restrictions, please reach out proactively to ensure a positive visit experience. For example, if you know a visitor with limited mobility will need to access an office in a building without an elevator, offer to call the office on the visitor's behalf to make appropriate arrangements.

Thank you for your assistance in remaining sensitive to these needs and for helping Clark both follow federal law and meet the expectations that others have of all of us who work at the University. Please ensure that all staff and student employees in your department are aware of this policy.

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