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Final Report of the Task Force of Online Education Winter 2013

October 30, 2013

Dear Clark Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to share with you the final report of the Task Force on Online Education. In May, I asked this group to review current developments in online learning in order to identify opportunities and areas of focus for the University, to compile resource materials, and to offer recommendations to engage faculty governance and senior leadership in considering strategic directions during this academic year. Based on the results of this effort, we will now work with faculty steering to ensure coordinated discussion of the report by relevant committees.

I wish to thank the members of the task force for their hard work during the summer and fall. We are indebted to Davis Baird and Pennie Turgeon, co-chairs, as well as Katerine Bielaczyc, Mary-Ellen Boyle, Patricia Ewick, William Fisher, and Catherine Usoff.

As the report highlights, the key question regarding online learning is how and where we can use these modalities to benefit Clark's mission. In support of the Academic and Financial Plan's primary goals of elevating the University's reputation and strengthening our resource base, the report recommends that we:

  • Create an organizational structure within our campus community that enables us to engage with online learning effectively and quickly;
  • Build a culture among faculty and staff that supports innovation in the use of online learning;
  • Investigate and enhance undergraduate and graduate offerings through online learning that deliver outcomes supporting Clark's educational mission.

We look forward to the upcoming discussions around the task force's recommendations that will involve everyone on campus as we move ahead this year.

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