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Tuition Update

March 1, 2013

Dear Students and Families,

At Clark University, we are committed to providing our students with an excellent liberal education that serves as the foundation for a successful life, rewarding career, and effective citizenship. Our LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice) initiative provides a bold new approach to liberal education. This investment in education has lifelong and wide-ranging returns, ensuring that at the point of graduation Clark students are truly launched on their careers and life paths. With the support of many Clark alumni, foundations, and others, we are expanding the opportunities for students to build and demonstrate the skills and capacities needed to excel beyond Clark, whether the next step is graduate school, career, or service.

While working to ensure an exceptional education for our students, we are also working hard to keep expenses down and minimize cost increases for students and families. Improvements this year in energy efficiency, organizational restructuring, and the use of technology to reduce administrative costs, for example, have partially offset the cost increases we face in such areas as financial aid, health care, library materials, and others. The cost of education for all students is also reduced through generous gifts to the University made by alumni, parents, families, and friends.

For 2013–14, the University's Board of Trustees has approved the following tuition, room, and board costs. Undergraduate tuition for 2013–14 will be $39,200, an increase of $1,100 or 2.9% over the current charge of $38,100. The cost of all required meal plans will be $3,300, which is an increase of $100 over this year's standard plan. The charge for a standard (double) room will increase by $50 to $4,170.

Room and Board plans are being combined for 2013–14 into three "Lifestyle Packages" — traditional, suite, and apartment. All students living in the traditional and suite housing are required to have full meal plans. A complete description of the lifestyle options and their rates can be found at

The total tuition, room, and board charges for next year, assuming the traditional lifestyle option with a standard double room, will be $46,670. These charges will be adjusted if you choose other lifestyle options or a single room.

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