President David Angel speaking - Clark University

President's Office


Tuition Update


March 7, 2014


Dear Students and Families,


At Clark University, we are committed to providing our students with an excellent liberal education that serves as the foundation for a successful life, rewarding career, and effective citizenship. Our LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice) initiative provides a bold new approach to liberal education ( with lifelong and wide-ranging returns.


While working to ensure an exceptional education, we are also striving to keep campus expenses down and to minimize cost increases for students and families. Each year, this becomes a more difficult task. Even as we have reduced costs and increased efficiencies, other important areas—including health care, library materials, and, most notably, financial aid—continue to increase in cost each year. Our approach to maintaining affordability and providing exceptional, life-changing educational experiences for all students involves very careful stewardship of resources, along with generous support from alumni and friends whose gifts have enabled us to keep the cost of education lower than it otherwise would be.


The University’s Board of Trustees recently approved tuition, room, and board costs for 2014–15. Undergraduate tuition for 2014–15 will be $40,380, an increase of $1,180, or 3%, over the current charge of $39,200. The cost of all required meal plans will be $3,400, which is an increase of $100 over this year’s standard plan. The charge for a standard (double) room will increase by $230 to $4,400.


The total tuition, room, and board charges for next year (assuming the standard double room arrangement and meal plan) will be $48,180. These charges will be adjusted if you choose other room and meal plan options (these can be reviewed at Residence fees for apartments and suites depend on whether room arrangements include a single or double bedroom.


If you have any questions or thoughts, please direct them to me in the President’s Office at 508-793-7320 or by e-mail to