Registrar's Office

Course Listings and Schedules

Students register online for courses using the information that appears below. Course offerings are refreshed within minutes of changes being made to the database. Detailed instructions are emailed by the Registrar's Office to all students prior to each semester's registration period.

Other information available here includes course descriptions from the university's academic catalog and the complete listing of Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) courses, as well as each semester's final exam schedule and PLS courses.

Class Standing

Current class level for undergraduate students is calculated by the number of units earned.

  • 0-7.99 units completed = First Year class standing
  • 8-15.99 units completed = Sophomore class standing
  • 16-23.99 units completed = Junior class standing
  • 24 or more units = Senior class standing

Online registration priority dates for undergraduate students, however, are determined by the student's anticipated class as of the next semester, which includes BOTH earned units and currently registered units. For example, if a student has 12 earned units (current sophomore class) and is registered for 4 units this semester (total of 16), then that student's anticipated class for the next semester is junior. Thus, the student's "class for registration purposes" is junior. Please refer to the Check Your Registration Status screen of your web account to verify your class for registration purposes.
NOTE: In-season NCAA athletes may be assigned to an earlier pre-registration window. Please contact the Athletics Department if you have any questions about your status.

Enrollment Status

Enrollment statuses are used to determine financial aid eligibility, loan deferment, FICA exemption, health insurance, and so on. After each term begins, enrollment statuses are reported to the National Student Clearinghouse several times in the semester to ensure that loan agencies have accurate and up-to-date enrollment information for you, as is required by federal regulations.  

Registration enrollment statuses and criteria are defined as follows:

Enrollment Status Unit Criteria
Full-time 3.00 and up
Three-quarter time 1.75 to 2.75
Half-time 1.50
Less than half-time 0.25-1.25

Questions pertaining to the above definitions as they relate to financial aid or loan deferment, please contact Financial Assistance.  Questions related to health insurance or FICA exemption, please contact your Student Account Counselor.  


GRADUATE students (including nonresident students):
Monday, Nov. 4 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)

SPS Undergraduate students:
Monday, Nov. 4 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)


Senior class for registration purposes:
Tuesday, Nov. 5 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)

Junior class for registration purposes:
Thursday, Nov. 7 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)

Sophomore class for registration purposes:
Monday, Nov. 11 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)

First Year class for registration purposes:
Wednesday, Nov. 13 (8:00am) to Wednesday, Jan. 22 (11:59pm)

Spring 2020 (202001)

Fall 2019 (201909)



ALL students:
Full Summer and Summer I Module: TBD
Summer II Module: TBD

Summer 2020 (202005)

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  • SPS Undergraduate Summer I Course Offerings
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