Undergraduate students must register for either 100- or 200-level courses only; graduate students must register for 300-level courses only.

YOU WILL REGISTER ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. You may begin registering online according to the schedule that appears on the Registrar's Office Courses and Schedules webpage and as determined by your "class for registration purposes."

Holds: Check your web account to be sure that there are no holds on your record. Go to the Check Your Registration Status screen and scroll to the bottom; click on View Holds. All holds must be released in order for you to be able to register at your appointed time.

PIN Number:  Your faculty advisor will provide you with your six-digit PIN number. Keep track of this number, as you will need to enter it EACH TIME you register online.

Instructor Permissions: If you are unable to register for a particular course because of a restriction (e.g., missing prerequisite, instructor signature, etc.), email the instructor of the course and request online permission to enroll. Only the course instructor can give you this permission. To verify that online permission has been granted, go to the Check Your Registration Status screen of your student web account and look for "Registration Permits and Overrides." You may then register online yourself for that course.

Undergraduate Directed Study courses: As noted in the Comments column on the schedule grid, please contact a faculty member to arrange for a Directed Study course. Once the faculty member and the student agree on the course specifics (e.g., topic, unit value, required work), the faculty member will submit the request to the Registrar's Office. Each directed study will be given a title that reflects the topic. The Registrar’s Office will create the directed study course and issue the electronic override. The student will receive an email (with the faculty member copied) containing the course information necessary for online registration. Online permission information is viewable on the Check Your Registration Status screen of your web account. Once you see that permission has been granted, you will be able to register online yourself for that course.

Internships (undergraduate students): Internship courses will be created by the Registrar's Office on a per-request basis. As noted in the Comments column on the schedule grid, please contact the Career Services Office to arrange for an internship.

Audits and Pass/Fail: Students choose these registration options during the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester. Information on how to register will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

COPACE Courses: Beginning in their sophomore year, undergraduate students may register online for a COPACE course that has been approved for day college credit. Be sure to check the Comments column on the schedule grid link to COPACE for approved day college courses. Students may take one COPACE course each semester during the academic year up to a total of four courses. (Summer COPACE courses are not included in this total.).

Off-Campus Programs: Undergraduate students who have been accepted into next semesterís Study Abroad, Washington Center, or Washington Internship programs will be registered by the Registrar's Office based upon information provided by the Study Abroad Office. However, students must still have all holds cleared from their accounts in order to be registered.

Consortium Registration:  Full-time Clark undergraduate students (that is, registered for at least three units of credit at Clark) may take one Consortium course each fall and spring semester. The website is NOTE: Most school schedules are expected to become available after November 1. Be sure to keep checking this site. Under "Search By," click the down arrow to select a school. To narrow your search, enter a department name (e.g., Biology, English, etc.). Click the "Search Now" button. Once the results display, click on the "view" link for course details. Scroll down and click on "Register Here" to obtain the cross registration form. After you have registered for your fall Clark courses, fill out the cross-registration form and bring it to Clark's Registrar's Office. Remember, "approval signature" requires the signature of either the appropriate department chair or Jennifer Plante at the Academic Advising Office. Students must abide by the calendar and policies, including grading standards, of the host institution. Late fees may be charged. Consortium registration is not available to first-year or first-semester transfer students.