Guidelines for Faculty Development Fund Proposals

The Faculty Development Fund provides modest support for focused faculty development research projects that support the two priority goals of the university: reputation and resources. This may include "seed money" for new research initiatives to help obtain results or confirm ideas that can become part of a research proposal to an outside granting agency, and also can be used for other scholarly projects and creative endeavors that hold promise to raise the visibility and reputation of the institution. This fund is restricted to faculty holding Regular Faculty Appointments (Faculty Handbook page 2, category D. 1) and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments defined as Open-ended Term Appointments: Lectureships, Professors of Practice and Full-time Research Professorships (category D. 2. b) [see faculty handbook pages 2 and 3 for details on the nature of these appointments]. This year the total amount awarded will be $20,000. We anticipate making four awards at $2500 and two awards at $5000 each. We have an additional $5000 for seeding science work that will enhance the chances for external funding for the research team.

Applications should be brief (limit: 3 typed pages) and should include:

• a description of the proposed activity
• its significance in terms of faculty development or planned grant proposals
• its benefit to the faculty member’s individual development, the department, and the visibility and reputation of the university
• an itemized budget

The description of the proposed project should be written in plain language, free of jargon (or clearly explained when it is necessary to use specialized terminology). It is highly likely that the proposal will be reviewed by individuals who have no specialized knowledge of an applicant's area of study. Applicants are expected to describe the significance of the project in non-technical, non discipline-specific terms. Put another way, the proposal should be written for an educated audience of non-specialist peers. Applicants are strongly urged to obtain comments from colleagues outside their disciplines before submission. Late submissions will not be considered.

Evaluation criteria include:

• Capacity of the project to generate additional resources through subsequent external funding and/or raise the visibility of the institution
• Logical role of the project in individual faculty development
• Contribution of the project to departmental goals and relevant research communities within the discipline
• Capacity of the project to support links between student development and faculty scholarship

The application must be accompanied by a properly endorsed Notice of Submission Form (see link below). Funds in this program will not be available for salary supplementation, but can be used to support research assistants (the application should provide an overview of the role of the student assistant). If student support is requested, fringe benefits must be included in the budget request (undergraduate fringe is only added in summer). Title to equipment purchased with Faculty Development funds rests with the University.

Please submit your proposal and the signed submission form bundled as a single PDF via email to . Please use the following filename format: yourlastnameFD16.pdf. The applications will be reviewed by the Research Board and the Dean of Research. The application deadline is February 3, 2017. Decisions will be announced after the committee has finished its review, typically by early March.

Download the Submission Form