Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

After Submitting a Complete Study Abroad Application

Approval from Clark: Applications must be complete to be reviewed. The Study Abroad Office will notify students via email of Clark's Approval to Study Abroad two weeks after the deadline. Responses to incomplete applications will be delayed until all documents are submitted. Students must respond to the offer by submitting to the Study Abroad Office an Agreement of Participation to confirm that you are committed to going abroad for the approved semester on the approved program. Students are also asked to read, sign, and submit a Statement of Responsbility Release of Liability definining rules of participation in the program.

Admission to the Program: The University abroad or program provider reviews applications independently. Students receive admission notificantion in a separate email. Students should check spam fileers to be sure their program is not blocked. It is the student's responsibility to respond to the notification in a timely, complete, and accurate manner. It is recommended to respond to the offer and all subsequent information as soon as possible. Do not wait for deadlines. Read all correspondence and handbooks carefully as they contain critical information regarding housing, arrival, course registration, obtaining a visa, what to pack, and other essential instructions. Housing forms, in particular, should be submitted soon, as housing is often allocated on a first come/first served basis.

Orientations: All study abroad participants are required to attend all pre-departure orientations.  Clark University requires students to attend a 2-hour general pre-departure orientation and a program-specific or country-specific orientation. There is also a health and wellness program provided and is strongly recommended for students attending programs in developing countries.

Some programs provide online pre-departure information as well as on-site orientations. 

Researching Answers to Questions: Student Study Abroad Ambassadors are available to answer your questions. Check the program's website for details regarding arrival dates, transportation to the program, housing, etc. If your program does not have an ambassador or you cannot find the answer on a website, please contact the Study Abroad Office for assistance.

It is important that students respect their support networks and are expected to share information with parents or guardians.