Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

The Application Process

Don't forget that for ALL programs, you will have to fill out two different applications: 

    1. Clark-specific approval applicaton (instructions on this page)

    2. Program-specific application for admissions (found on specific program page websites)


Many of your documents can be used for both and both should be submitted by the Clark deadlines.


Before beginning the application process, we also encourage you to speak with the following offices:


  • Student Accounts
  • Financial Assistance
  • Student Accessibility Services or Center for Counseling and Personal Growth (as applicable)


STEP 1:  Gather Materials


Download and read the full Instruction Sheet BEFORE beginning your application!


Before submitting your application, you will need to complete the following steps (read the Instruction Sheet for further details)

1. Finalize your program selection and review application requierments

2. Meet with your faculty advisor to complete your "Course Credit Approval Form"

3. Write a 1-2 page long essay

4. Pay the $100 application fee

5. Download your unofficial Clark transcript

6. Request a faculty member to complete a Faculty reference form (may also use program reference for both applications)

7. Review your resume with Career Services to submit

8. Make a copy of your passport photo page to submit


If applicable:

  • Complete a Senior Statement (if studying abroad in your senior year)
  • Submmit a Language proficiency report copy, if required by your program, should also be submitted with Clark application

STEP 2: Ready to Apply?


Spring, 2018 applications will be accepted beginning September 1, until 5pm on Friday, September 15th.


Clark Application for Approval


*Summer Study Abroad Policy


Priority deadline:  March 15


Students wishing to study abroad in the summer may apply for approval of transfer credit.  The application for summer is the same as for the semester.  However, please note:

  • Financial aid does not transfer for summer study away
  • Students may receive up to 2 units per program, per summer
  • Courses taken over the summer do not receive letter grades and will not factor into your GPA.  Instead, you will receive transfer credit, provided a grade of C or better is attained.



Program Pre-Approval


Before submitting your application, you will need to identify a suitable program that you wish to apply for.  You must submit a program pre-approval form to Study Abroad.  Programs will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

  • Courses and credit hours
  • Accrededation of institution/University of Record
  • Location of program



STEP 3: After Approval

  • Notification of Clark's approval to study abroad can be expected within three within three weeks after submissing a complete application. Notification will be sent via email to your Clark email address.

Notification of admission to your program abroad

  • Host universities or program providers notify students on their official admission to the program, usually via email. Once accepted by your host program, you will receive several emails providing additional information and requesting completion of forms. Submit requested information and forms as soon as possible. Do not wait for deadlines as this can be a problem in the event there are unforeseen delays. After you are admitted to the program abroad, the program becomes your main contact for questions and concerns. The Clark Study Abroad staff is available for support if you need additional assistance.

Keep in Mind...

  • Program specific requirements should be submitted directly to program.
  • Clark recommends keeping a copy of all approval and application forms and documents.