Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Financing Study Abroad

Studying abroad usually is more expensive than you originally estimate. Plan your expenses early. Estimate high as there are often hidden random costs that you may not expect. Gather information on financing your program as well as scholarship opportunities. A trip well-planned financially results in a less-stressful study abroad experience.

Our Mission

Clark University is committed to helping all our students participate in study abroad programs with high academic standards. Making the study abroad experience a true extension of Clark’s campus requires many different levels of planning, implementing, and overseeing, as well as variables. For study abroad programs in particular, variables include not only costs incurred abroad within a specific program but also currency exchange rates, Clark financial aid, communication expenses, overhead expenses, etc.

In particular, the Office of Study Abroad Programs:

  • Provides smooth transitions for our students going to very different educational systems and environments and then returning to Clark.
  • Prepares students for their programs before they leave, administers the integration of their courses/projects abroad into the Clark curriculum, communicates with students and program directors overseas on a wide variety of matters, and translates foreign credits into Clark credits.

Program Costs

Clark study abroad programs are designed to extend our classrooms. They are Clark programs and as such, students pay tuition and receive academic credit and grades, as if they were residing at Clark.

  • Students on Clark-affiliated and non-Clark-affiliated programs are billed a one-time administrative fee of $1000.
  • Students studying abroad on all but one of the Clark-affiliated programs are billed for Clark tuition by Student Accounts. They are billed for housing and board, if provided, and miscellaneous fees directly by the program in which they enroll. These fees vary according to program and may be found on the programs' individual web pages.*

*The exception is the CAPA London Program, for which Clark charges its International Program Fee, and pays the students' program expenses in London directly to the program. This fee is set annually in relation to Clark's tuition, room and board fees.

  • Financial aid will travel with you in most cases, but it is critical that you talk to the Office of Financial Assistance (see below) to see how and when this is distributed, and whether there will be any changes to your overall financial aid package.
  • Students are responsible for personal travel, books, and any other expenses. Students have to arrange and pay for their own flight arrangements, passports and visas.
  • While the Study Abroad Office may be able to offer general advice and information on obtaining study visas, we have no influence on foreign Consulates with regard to cost, documentation requirements, and length of time it takes to make an appointment or to process the visa. Please allow yourself plenty of time to arrange for your required documentation.

Financial Aid

  • Clark has chosen to allow students to study abroad on Clark Programs with those financial aid awards provided directly by Clark. This policy aims to avoid the situation whereby only financially independent students can afford to participate.
  • You cannot access your Work Study award while you are abroad, so you should consult with the Office of Financial Assistance, well in advance, in order to apply for a different form of aid. Often, your Work Study grant can be translated into a student loan. If you receive a Stafford Loan, be sure to check with Financial Aid about the length of time needed to process any paperwork.
  • International Scholarships are granted to enrich the Clark campus with international students and cannot be applied to off-campus programs.

Clark University Sponsored Study Abroad Scholarships

Clark University awards several scholarships to eligible students who are accepted to semester or year-long study abroad programs. Please note that many of these deadlines are for the following academic year - including all fall, spring and year-long programs for that year.

  • The Marshall Geer McKim Memorial Fund (generally ranging from $1000 - $1,500) is awarded annually to study abroad for a semester or entire year on a Clark program. Students looking to study abroad in Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017 should apply for the scholarship by the May 1, 2016 deadline. In that case, your award will be tentative pending your acceptance on a study abroad program. There are no official application forms, but you need to submit a 1-2 page typewritten essay, which includes the following information:
    • that you are a U.S. citizen and a financial aid recipient
    • your reasons and goals for studying abroad
    • when and where you plan to study abroad
    • a list of your community service involvement
    • a list of your contributions to Clark campus life
    • your box number and campus phone number
    Please attach a signed statement from the Financial Assistance office indicating that you receive financial aid at Clark, an unofficial grade transcript (web version accepted), and one passport-size photo. Complete applications should be submitted by May 1, each year to the Study Abroad/Study Away Office, Dana Commons, x7363.
  • The University of East Anglia (UEA) Exchange Scholarship is awarded each semester by the English Department. This award is merit-based and you must be an English major planning to study at either the School of American Studies, School of Film and Television Studies, or School of Literature and Creative Writing of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England for a semester or the entire year. To apply, contact Professor James Elliott, English Department, Anderson House, x7152.
  • The Zenovia Sochor Memorial Fund ($500) is awarded annually by the Political Science Department to declared Political Science majors or minors studying abroad in spring, preferably in an Eastern European country, but programs like the London Internship and Namibia, etc are also acceptable. Note: you must have a 3.40 GPA or higher to be eligible. There are no official application forms, but you need to submit a 1-2 page typewritten essay, which includes the following information:
    • your reasons and goals for studying abroad
    • when and where you plan to study abroad
    • your box number, email, and cell phone number
    Please attach an unofficial transcript to the essay (web version accepted).
  • Applications are due by October 30, and should be sent to Professor Valerie Sperling, Department of Political Science, 406 Jefferson Academic Center, or emailed to 508-793-7679.

External Scholarship Opportunities

You may also be eligible for study abroad scholarships from organizations outside of Clark. Plan your program and apply for scholarships early. Scholarships are competitive. Application deadlines can be up to one and a half years before you begin your semester or year abroad.

Government and community organizations as well as host institutions or program providers may offer scholarships. While most are need-based, there are many academic scholarship opportunities available. Here is a list of some resources the Clark Study Abroad staff is familiar with. We encourage students to look for other department or community scholarships that might be available.

Clark Program Scholarships

General Study Abroad Scholarships

Summer Study Abroad Scholarships

Miscellaneous Scholarships and Award Opportunities

Scholarship Databases and Web Search Engines

Graduate Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities