Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

The Application Process: Beginning Stages

Most students study abroad their Junior year, although it is possible to study abroad as early as second semester in your sophomore year or during your senior year.  You may also choose to go for a semester, year or summer.  Study Abroad takes careful planning and it's never too early to start.  We've compiled this timelne to help determine the best time for you.

Year 1: Study Abroad 101 - Information Sessions and Events 

Clark does not allow students to study abroad unless they have been at Clark for at least one year.  However, summer program options may be available to you after your first year, and you may also qualify for the Leir Luxembourg Maymester program (administered through the Clark Luxembourg office).  However, there are many things you can do during your first year or so at Clark to prepare for study abroad.

The first step to studying abroad at Clark is to attend "Study Abroad 101" - an information session for prospective students. This workshop goes over Clark's policies, different programs, the application process, and frequently asked questions, and is offered regularly throughout each semester. You can view upcoming dates on our main webpage.

You should also attend the Fall Study Abroad Fair and any other events on campus as you begin researching programs.  For further research on programs, you can:

  • Attend Study Abroad 101 and info sessions, fairs and other events
  • Speak with LEEP Center, Faculty and SA  advisor
  • Budget planning/Student should begin researching scholarships and grants
  • Talk to parents
  • Be mindful of deadlines:  Students wishing to study abroad in the spring will already have to submit their applications in the preceeding fall.
  • Come to the Study Abroad office for drop-in hours or make an appointment
  • Browse the program pages on our web site, and follow direct links to the program site.
  • Talk with a returned student/student ambassador
  • Talk about goals and expectations for studying abroad, and discuss any fears your student (or you) might have.
  • Understand Clark study abroad policies and requirements.

Year 2: Keep researching; keep saving.

As a second semester sophomore, you may think you are ready to study abroad.  Don't forget:

  • Be aware of application requirements
  • Discuss funding with relevant stakeholders (including Financial Aid)
  • Apply for a passport if you do not already have it, and renew yours if it will be expiring before the end of your program!
  •  Be mindful of deadlines:  Students wishing to study abroad in the spring will already have to submit their applications in the preceeding fall!


  1. Discuss plans to go abroad with your parents or other loved ones who may be invested in your experience at Clark.
  2. Develop an academic plan with your faculty advisor. This will help you decide when and where it would be best to study abroad and stay on target for all your graduation requirements.
    1. Do you plan on applying for the BA/MA 5th year?
    2. Do you plan on doing GMAT or GSOM?
    3. Meet with your LEEP adviser
    4. Do you receive academic accomodations? Will you need them abroad?
  3. Understand the costs of studying abroad as it applies to you.
    1. Check in with Student Accounts and;
    2. Financial Assistance (both on the 3rd floor of the ASEC building)
  4. Explore funding and scholarship opportunities early. Check with your department to see if they offer scholarship opportunities. Be aware that deadlines for scholarships planning up to a year in advance of going abroad.


Year 2/3: Have an eye towards the application


All students will need to complete the following steps as a part of the application process:


  • Meet with your faculty advisor to obtain course pre-approval
  • Write an essay explaining your motivation for studying abroad
  • Have a faculty member that will be willing to write an academic reference
  • Have a resume reviewed by Career Services




While Clark does not currently have Clark-affiliated prorams in the summer, many students choose this time for their abroad experience.  Students wishing to study abroad in the summer should get Clark pre-approval for transfer credit.  The following programs are pre-approved for transfer credit. However, you should still speak with your faculty advisor about how, exactly, the credits will count towards your specific graduation requirements:


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