Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

The Application Process: Beginning Stages

Students are encouraged to begin gathering information and talking to advisors as early as their first semester at Clark.

Step 1: Study Abroad 101 - Information Sessions

The first step to studying abroad at Clark is to attend "Study Abroad 101" - an information session for prospective students. This workshop goes over Clark's policies, different programs, the application process, and frequently asked questions, and is offered regularly throughout each semester. You can view upcoming dates on our main webpage.

Step 2: Talk With Your Stakeholders

  1. Discuss plans to go abroad with your parents or other loved ones who may be invested in your experience at Clark.
  2. Develop an academic plan with your faculty advisor. This will help you decide when and where it would be best to study abroad and stay on target for all your graduation requirements. Also consider requirements for the Accelerated BA/Master's Degree Program.
  3. Understand the costs of studying abroad as it applies to you. Explore funding and scholarship opportunities early. Check with your department to see if they offer scholarship opportunities. Be aware that deadlines for scholarships planning up to a year in advance of going abroad.


Step 3:  Research Programs


For further research on programs, you can:

Step 4:  Apply!