Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

The Application Review

Applying for Clark Approval to Study Abroad

You may begin your program-specific application before you receive your official approval to study abroad from Clark University, but remember that BOTH approval from Clark and admission from your program are required.  Your program may require that the study abroad office nominate/recommend you for admission to the program.  We are happy to do so once you have been officially approved by Clark.

Applying for Admission to Your Selected Program Abroad

As you proceed with your program application, remember that the process is like applying to college all over again.  If you have questions regarding the program application, the program contacts abroad are usually listed on the forms or their website.  They will provide the quickest and most accurate answers.  If you do not receive a timely answer, the Clark study abroad staff is here to support you.

Applicant Responsibilities

Additional forms will be required after you are approved by Clark and admitted to your selected program. It is your responsibility to complete and return these forms by the designated date or your participation in the program could be jeopardized.

As you begin the application process, it is highly recommended that you keep a folder of all related emails and correspondence.  You will undoubtedly need to refer back to some of the documentation.  Keep copies of all submitted documents.   We kindly request that you share all information with your parents/guardians.