Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Step 1. Requirements for Study Abroad or away on a Clark-approved program

Step 2. Financial Aid and Billing

Step 3. Choosing a Program


Step 3. Choosing a best fit program

Now that you understand the requirements, credit and financial policies of study abroad and away at Clark, it's time to choose a program.  Study abroad programs are not one-size-fits-all and there is a program for every type of learner.  You priority may be academic interest, but also type of program, location or language.  


Types of Programs

Direct Enrollment & Exchange Programs

  • Administered on-site directly by a host institution, designed to integrate Clark students into the host institution
  • Students take courses as if they are enrolled in a degree program at the host instution, offering a wide range of course options
  • Provides opportunities for campus involvement such as clubs, sports and activities
  • Designed for the tudent looking for a more independent, immersive experience

Program Provider Study Centers

  • Programs administered by a third-party provider or institution and involve a "study center"
  • Set up for U.S. students abroad as a home base for academics, social activites and in some cases, accomodation
  • Usually offer specialized courses, built-in excursions, and community service options or internships
  • Examples of these providers are CIEE, CET, CAPA and CGEE (Center for Global Education Experiences)

Hybrid Programs:  Most study centers also have a relationship with a host university or several host institutions, where students may be able to directly enroll in university courses, language courses or take "courses for foreigners."



Full List of Approved Programs