Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Where should I Study Abroad?

Choosing a program that meets your needs and goals is a crucial part of the study abroad process. You might try to break the decision down into two areas: destination and type of program.

There are a lot of different types of study abroad programs, each with different learning goals. At Clark, we divide our programs into programs to increase your foreign language proficiency, enhance your major in English-language courses, and engage in active learning or internship projects in the host culture. Therefore, you should first think about what your academic goals are related to your major, in consultation with your faculty advisor and the Study Abroad Office. You will also need to determine the language requirements for each program. If you do not speak a language, do not limit yourself to programs in the United Kingdom, as there are other options available.

Programs can be further broken down by the academic environment. Some of our programs offer direct enrollment into a host university, meaning that you will take courses with host students just as if you were normally enrolled there. Other programs, such as those at the Tandem School in Madrid or in Beijing, China, have courses specially designed for visiting students. Still others offer a mix of direct enrollment and specialized courses.

There are plusses and minuses to all of these different academic formats and learning styles. The Study Abroad Office can help you choose the best format for you during the advising and application process.


A full list of all Clark-affiliated program sites organized by country can be downloaded.