Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Getting Involved

Faculty members can be some of the most significant influencers to a students decision to study abroad.  We rely on faculty members getting involved with study abroad for a multitide of reasons, including:

  • Advising students; students should develop a plan for study abroad in close cooperation with his/her faculty advisor; see Advising For Study Abroad for more details and helpful tips on advising students.
  • Program Advising: Several faculty members also serve as designated advisors for each individual study abroad program. Program advisors meet with individual students about the program, may visit the program from time to time, or help with events and outreach.
  • Supervisory: Many of our programs have a research or other active learning component. . A student may ask you to be a supervising professor and to sign a research paper agreement. It is important that the student communicate to you the time commitment involved and that both you and the student agree on the exact parameters of the agreement.
  • Campus Internationalization:  Faculty members can help facilitate the process of re-entry and integrating learning with resources on internationalization in higher education and developing global competence.

Faculty members may also be interested in leading their own experience abroad.  Currently, Clark offers several faculty-leg programs as a compliment to its Study Abroad offerings. Current offerings include


  • Dundee, Scotland:  University of Dundee (summer, Prof.  Jan Johnson)
  • Havana, Cuba:  CIEE Cuba (summer, Micki Davis)
  • Luxembourg (May term, Uwe Gertz)
  • Alternative Spring Break (various)
  • LEEP Project: Ghana