Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Welcome to Clark Study Abroad!  We are sure that you're curious and excited about the journey your student is about to embark on.

We have designed these pages with families in mind. You may be wondering about what is an appropriate level of involement, and how you can be informed. We have tried to provide as much information as possible on our policies and procedures, as well as resources for you to use throughout the study abroad process.  We encourage all families to speak with their student directly for specific program information, as in most cases, questions can most easily be answered that way.

What We Do

The Study Abroad Programs Office handles all elements of the study abroad process, from advising students during pre-departure to facilitating their return. A list of our duties includes: developing programs; working with faculty and staff at Clark; holding informational meetings; advising individual students on each program; conducting pre-departure orientations; communicating with overseas staff; arranging finances; monitoring safety and health concerns; translating overseas transcripts; and conducting returned student meetings. In many ways, the entire process is reflective of the college academic experience.