Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

What We Do

The Study Abroad Programs Office handles all elements of the study abroad process, from advising students during pre-departure to facilitating their return. A list of our duties includes: developing programs; working with faculty and staff at Clark; holding informational meetings; advising individual students on each program; conducting pre-departure orientations; communicating with overseas staff; arranging finances; monitoring safety and health concerns; translating overseas transcripts; and conducting returned student meetings. In many ways, the entire process is reflective of the college academic experience. Thus, beginning early is crucial.

What We Don't Do

Simply put, we are not a travel agency. We do not arrange short trips abroad, volunteer abroad programs, work abroad programs, or other forms of travel and cultural exchange. While we do our best to provide helpful advice, for almost all programs each student is responsible for his/her own travel arrangements, including flights, important travel documents, medications and insurance. In fact, we regard this preparation as an educational experience in itself.

Clark does not directly administer any of its programs on site. As such, although we manage the relationships with overseas partners and maintain quality control, we are often not the first point of contact for issues abroad.