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Prague, Czech Republic (CET)


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Program Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: Fall or Spring
CET Prague Program Information

Program Overview

The Clark-affiliated program in Prague is offered in partnership with CET Academic Programs.  CET offers students the opportunity to take courses abroad while engaging in effective learning practices outside the classroom.  The program offers three tracks. All tracks offer an optional Internship.

1. Business & Economics

The core course of this track, European Economies in Transition, delves into the shift from Communism to a market economy. You’ll learn about the Czech Republic’s integration with the EU and implications of it adopting the euro. Round out your coursework with site visits to start-ups and companies like ŠKODA, Brisk, and Pilsner.


2. Central European Studies

The core coures of this track, Politial & Cultural History of East Central Europe in the 20th Century, combines with experiential learning courses that take you around the city to Kafka memorials, a film festival or historical district.  Outside of class, students have the opportunity to enroll in a Service Learning placement course or engage in community service.


3. Jewish Studies

Take Modern History of the Jews in East Central Europe alongside other elective courses while getting involved with the local community.  Visit WWII memorials, use the Jewish Museum library and/or enroll in the Service-Learning placement to volunteer regularly.



The program is based at Charles University, founded in 1348 by Emperor Charles IV, with facilities located throughout the city. Students attend classes at the CET center in the heart of Prague. The program offers a variety of interdisciplinary courses in history, culture, literature, and the arts. The Czech educational system can seem very different to what students in the U.S. are used to. In general, the Czech educational system is focused on lectures and memorization, a distinct difference from the U.S. educational system, which is more interactive and focused on concept orientated learning. Students should expect a more relaxed atmosphere in a Czech classroom, but be prepared to take learning beyond the classroom, such as a relevant location, café, or restaurant. As part of the program of studies, students will travel for nine days to Poland and Terezin. Additional excursions to Budapest, Hungary, and Ceský Krumlow are also included. In order to gain a more hands-on experience, students may elect to participate in the Jewish community through activities with the Czech Union of Jewish Youth.


Clark Policies

  • Participating students generally receive four Clark units per semester (15-18 credits), provided all requierd coursework, exams and final papers are completed.
  • All courses receive letter grades, which show on the Clark transcript and are factored into the overall GPA.
  • Students may receive no more than 2 units for an internship and all internships are taken for credit
  • Students may not take courses Pass/Fail, and
  • Overloads (i.e. “5th” courses) are not permitted and require special approval from the Dean of Academics


Housing & Meals

Students are housed in apartments close to the city center with local Czech roommates to help get accustomed to the local culture. Lunches and some program meals are included, but students are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner. Students can eat at Prague’s many cafeterias and restaurants or cook for themselves in their kitchens. Kosher and vegetarian options are available in Prague, but not widely outside the city.


Program Costs

Students will be billed for the cost of Clark tuition through their student accounts each semester.  Housing, food and other program fees for excursions, on-site transportation, insurance or other fees may be billed directly by the program. There is a one-time $1000 study abroad fee that will appear on your Clark tuition bill.

Remember that there might additional fees for using the gym, clubs, computers, laundry, transportation, books, cell phones, etc. These fees vary from year to year and we recommend that you check with your host institution to see if further information is available. Personal travel, non-academic fees, gifts or other personal expesnes are the responsibility of the student.


Approximate cost comparison for 2016-17

  Clark CET Prague
Tuition $21,000.00 $21,000.00
Housing (Fall) $2,700.00 $2,600.00

Housing (Spring)

$2,200.00 $2,600.00
Food $1,775.00 $2,000.00
Admin. fee


Total (fall) $25,475.00 $25,600.00
Total (spring) $24,975.00 $25,600.00


Addtional Estimated Expenses

  • Visa Fees - $150
  • Personal Expenses - $1500
  • Airfare - $1400
  • Local Transportation - $175
  • Books and Supplies - $200

    *Please note: these expenses are based on past participant feedback and your personal costs may be significantly different than the fees listed below.  These are provided for reference only.


If you are a financial aid recipient, you should continue to receive financial aid. However, be sure to check with the Office of Financial Assistance to see if there will be any changes in your financial aid package. You will not be able to receive Work-Study money while you are abroad. International Scholarships are granted to enrich the Clark campus with international students and cannot be applied to off-campus programs.

You will receive an invoice from Clark's Student Accounts Department, indicating that the tuition payment will be due by mid-July for fall semester and mid-December 17 for spring semester. Failure to satisfy your financial obligation to Clark University by the due date may result in your withdrawal from the program.

Clark University is not responsible for any independent travel that is not an official part of the Clark program and Clark does not assist in personal travel arrangements.

Application Information

In addition to Clark approval to study abroad, students must fill out the program specific application. Students should begin both processes at the same time.

1. Submit your CET application through their website.

2. Select the desired program and click on the "Apply Now" tab

3. Create a login and password (you do not need to submit the application fee)


Download Clark application materials and submit


All applicants must fulfill Clark University's and the study abroad program eligiblity requirements. Approval by Clark does not guarantee acceptance by the overseas program.


Additional Resources

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