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Seville, SPAIN


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Program: CIEE Seville, Spain
Duration: Spring or Year

Additional Requirements: 2 years of college-level Spanish (or the equivalent)



Program Overview

The Clark program in Seville offers students an opportunity to study at one of Spain's most prestigious institutions of higher learning and to live in and explore the historic city of Seville, sections of which date back to the Middle Ages and even earlier. The program is designed to increase the student's competency in the Spanish language while permitting the selection of courses in the disciplines for which the student qualifies and where adequate opportunity exists.

Students enroll in one of the following tracks:

  1. Seville Business and Society
  2. Seville Communications, New Media, and Journalism
  3. Seville International Business and Culture
  4. Seville Liberal Arts
  5. Seville Language and Society
  6. Seville Teaching Development



Many Spanish majors along with majors in government, international relations, art history, and psychology who have studied Spanish choose to spend a semester or year in Spain so they can become more proficient in Spanish, learn more about Spanish culture, and study according to teaching methods different from those practiced in the U.S. This program is administered by CIEE and hosted at the University of Seville. The program offers each participant an invaluable educational experience via a variety of courses taught by distinguished university faculty.

Participating students receive four units per semester, provided all coursework is completed, all required exams are taken, final papers are submitted. While attending CIEE-Seville students must take a one-month intensive language (orientation course followed by four additional courses. All courses merit three US credits each. 15-18 credits per semester are required for four Clark credits. Students are eligible to enroll in any course for which they are qualified, with the exception of a very few specialized subjects. Please check with the Study Abroad Office to ensure credit transferability of credit.

Housing & Meals

Students participating in the Clark program at the University of Seville will live with Spanish families, "boarding houses" or with señores. The Council staff makes a considerable effort to accommodate student housing preferences based on the housing preference questionnaire. Dormitory housing is generally not available.

Program Costs

Clark Spring

Clark Fall

CIEE Seville













Admin Fee








*Denotes (some) food included in housing costs


Approximate additional costs per semester for 2016-17*

    • Passport, visa or residency permit
    • Health insurance
    • Personal Expenses (travel, gifts, going out)
    • Airfare
    • Local Transportation
    • Books and Supplies

*Note: These costs are the responsibility of the student and may vary widely. Check with your program for specific information.


The Fine Print

If you are a financial aid recipient, you should continue to receive financial aid. However, be sure to check with the Office of Financial Assistance to see if there will be any changes in your financial aid package. You will not be able to receive Work-Study money while you are abroad. International Scholarships are granted to enrich the Clark campus with international students and cannot be applied to off-campus programs. You will receive an invoice from Clark's Student Accounts Department, indicating that the tuition payment will be due by mid-July for fall semester and mid-December for spring semester. Failure to satisfy your financial obligation to Clark University by the due date may result in withdrawal from the program. Clark University is not responsible for any independent travel that is not an official part of the Clark program and Clark does not assist in personal travel arrangements


Additional Resources

Application Information


All applicants must fulfill Clark University's eligibility requirements. Students must also be prepared to fulfill the CIEE requirements.

Additional Resources

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