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London, England

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Program: CAPA London Internship Program
Duration: Fall or Spring

Program Overview

The CAPA London Program is a challenging and rewarding program ideally suited for students who are motivated, outgoing, and focused. Students should have strong time mangagement skills, organizational skills, and an open mind with regard to internship placements. An internship can provide valuable work experience, however, and it can also provide the opportunity to explore career paths not otherwise considered.   It is expected that you treat your position seriously and professionally. The placements generally offer entry-level positions, and it may take a few weeks to demonstrate that you are capable, trustworthy, and dependable. Generally, students who effectively complete the more repetitive and routine tasks assigned at the beginning of the semester acquire greater responsibility and more challenging tasks as time proceeds. Students work in their internship placement for 20 hours per week along with the Learning through Internships class and take three additional academic courses.   Commuting time can be up to an hour each way, but this is the case for anyone living in a major metropolitan location.


While most Clark students elect to do the 6 credit internship at the CAPA London program, service-learning placements, and academic options are also available.  Please see the CAPA program link below for further details, and speak to a study abroad advisor about your specific goals.


Participating students receive four units per semester, provided all coursework is completed, all required exams are taken, and final papers are submitted. Students take three academic courses for a letter grade, and complete a 20-hour internship along with the Learning through Internships class.   Academic internships are graded on a credit/no credit basis. Students should take 15-18 credits to receive a full semester's worth of Clark credit.  Please check with the Study Abroad Office if you have questions.



Past CAPA London students have: analyzed proposals for a small graphic design group; assisted and taught at a private school; conducted market research projects in the fashion, retail, and entertainment industries; reported on council meetings, court proceedings, and local music groups; helped excavate a series of archaeological digs. Other examples include: museums, NGOs, radio stations, film production companies, government offices, and law offices.


Housing & Meals

Students enrolled in the program are housed in fully furnished flats located adminstered by Acorn Housing in Central London. Laundry facilities are provided. Students do their own food shopping and cooking.  A small stipend is provided as part of the overall fee. Individual apartments can vary in the number of students accommodated. You should expect to share your room with one or two roommates and 5-6 flatmates.   Students are required to sign a lease and abide by its regulations.  Overnight guests are not allowed.

Program Costs

Unlike other Clark programs, students participating in the CAPA London Internship Program will be charged Clark's International Program Fee for the semester abroad. This fee includes tuition and placement fees, housing, meals, local travel and some excursions.

Program Fee for 2016-17: $27,780


In addition, you will be billed a one-time $1000 study abroad fee which will appear on your tuition bill. 

Approximate additional costs per semester 2016-17

  • Personal Expenses - $2,000
  • Flight Transportation - $1100
  • Visa Fees - $500
  • Local Transportation - $600
  • Books and Supplies - $200

Books, non-academic fees, visa, and travel expenses are your responsibility. You are also responsible for all of your personal expenses and for your pocket money while abroad. Remember that there might be a whole array of fees abroad for using certain sports facilities, clubs, computers, laundry, transportation, books, cell phones, etc.

*Personal expenses are based on student feedback, and vary dramatically based on individual spending habits. Estimated personal expenses include items such as food, personal travel, clothing, etc.

Application Information

In addition to submitting an application for Clark Approval to study abroad, applicants should visit the Clark- CAPA London website and complete all requested information.  *Please note that if you are applying for an internship in graphic design or creative arts, you must submit a porfolio.

All students must fulfill Clark University's eligibility requirements and the CAPA London requirements.

Important Information

Any information on this page is subject to change.