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London, England: London School of Economics


  • Program: London School of Economics
  • Program Type: Direct Enroll
  • Duration: Full Year only
  • Additional Requirements: Students should have an overall GPA of 3.3, and a GPA of 3.5 for quantitative subjects


Program Overview

The London School of Economics and Political Science is situated in the heart of London in Aldwych, just off the Strand on Houghton Street. Parliament, the Law Courts, government offices, the British Museum, the Old Public Record Office, not to mention the theaters and concert halls of the West End or the Barbican and the South Bank, are all within walking distance of the School.

The LSE program is an intensive academic experience for highly motivated students. Students will spend a full academic year at LSE completely integrated into the student body. The program is especially geared for students in economics, social history, anthropology, social policy, law, history, and politics. With an enrolment of around 4,000 undergraduates, LSE is one of the largest schools within the University of London system. Its character is very international; half of its students and one-quarter of its academic staff are from outside the U.K.

Participants must register for the full academic year, which runs from September to June. At the beginning of the academic year, all study abroad students are assigned to personal tutors who help them choose their courses and who subsequently see them at regular intervals throughout the year. As a Clark student, you may take any of the 300 level courses available to other LSE students. You may use your year to specialize in one particular subject, taking the more advanced courses in your field, or you may take the opportunity to sample a range of subjects. Teaching at LSE takes place in lectures, classes, and tutorials. A course normally consists of one lecture and one class per week. Lectures are held for all students taking the course, while classes are ordinarily divided into smaller groups of 10 to 15 students.

Participating students receive four Clark units per semester, provided all coursework is completed, all required exams are taken, and final papers are submitted. A General Course student is expected to take four year-long courses, and at least two of these must be in the student’s chosen major. The remaining two courses may be taking in any subject. Please keep in mind the extensive range of disciplines reflected in LSE’s academic curriculum. Please check with the Study Abroad Office to ensure transferability of credit.

Students may choose to enroll in an internship for an additional fee, please consult LSE if interested.


Housing & Meals

Students live in shared university housing or studios, which include utilities and internet access.  Most residence are within walking distance of LSE. Studens are responsible for their own meals.


All applicants must fulfill Clark University's eligibility requirements and the London School of Economics General Course requirements. Applications may be rejected for any number of reasons by the overseas program.

Program Costs

Your student account will be billed for Clark tuition each semester that you are abroad, and Clark will pay your tuition/academic fees to LSE. You will be billed by the London School of Economics directly for your housing, and you will need to provide for your own meals (i.e. cooking or purchasing meals). Books, non-academic fees, visa, and travel expenses are your responsibility. You are also responsible for all of your personal expenses and for your pocket money while abroad. Remember that here might be a whole array of fees at LSE for using the gym, clubs, computers, laundry, transportation, books, cell phones, etc. These fees vary from year to year and we recommend that you check the website of your host institution to see if further information is available. Any additional expenses related to individual courses, such as travel, are also your responsibility.

Studying off-campus always generates additional and unexpected expenses. If you are a financial aid recipient, you should continue to receive financial aid. However, be sure to check with the Office of Financial Assistance to see if there will be any changes in your financial aid package. You will not be able to receive Work-Study money while you are abroad. International Scholarships are granted to enrich the Clark campus with international students and cannot be applied to off-campus programs.

You will receive an invoice from Clark's Student Accounts Department, indicating that the tuition payment will be due by mid-July for the fall and mid-December for the spring. The exact due date will appear on your bill. Failure to satisfy your financial obligation to Clark University by the due date may result in your withdrawal from the program. Failure to satisfy your financial obligations to your host institution may result in no transcript being issued for your participation in their program.

Clark University be responsible for independent travel you choose to participate in, which is not an official part of the Clark program. Clark will not assist in any personal travel arrangements.

LSE does offer some scholarships, but they are highly competitive and you should follow all instructions and abide by all dedlines.  Eligible students are encouraged to apply for the John C Phelan General Course Scholarships.


Approximate additional academic year costs for 2016-17

  • Housing : $10,000 (40 weeks @ £170/week)
  • Meals - $3500
  • Visa Fees - $500
  • UK Immigration Health Surcharge (for students attending Universities for over 6 months) - $250
  • Personal Expenses - $2400
  • Transportation - (roundtrip airfare based on US departure) $1100
  • Local Transportation - $1200
  • Books and Supplies - $600

NOTE: These amounts are estimates based on costs at the time of publication, and are subject to change. Be advised that exchange rates vary daily.

*Personal expenses are based on student feedback, and vary dramatically based on individual spending habits. Estimated personal expenses include items such as food, personal travel, clothing, etc.

Application Deadlines

Instructions for LSE Application:

  1. Browse to the LSE Application
  2. Create a login and password for the General Course application. Do not pay an application fee.
  3. Submit your Clark approval to study abroad through the Clark study abroad website.

Students are encouraged to apply early as applications are processed on a first come/first served basis. This is a yearlong program only.

Additional Resources

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