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Stirling, SCOTLAND


Program: The University of Stirling
Duration: Fall, Spring, or Year



Program Overview

The University of Stirling offers a chance to study at one of Scotland’s top universities in the heart of a country rich with history, scenery and culture. With an enrollment of 7,000 undergraduates (14% international), Stirling maintains a strong reputation for its programs in psychology, film and media studies, social work and agricultural studies. Considered by many to be the most beautiful campus in Britain, the University occupies the magnificent Airthrey Estate, and features one of Britain’s best sports complexes. The city of Stirling itself is an important feature of the study abroad experience. Just a short train ride from Glasgow and Edinburgh, Stirling is an accessible, small city that plays a central role in Scottish history. It also makes an ideal base for excursions to the Scottish Highlands.


The University of Stirling operates on a semester system, each 15 weeks in duration.  Students usually take three courses per semester and may cross-register between departments. In most cases, courses consist of large lectures and small seminars or tutorials. The course grade is based on essays, tests, exercises, laboratory work and, typically, a final examination at the end of the semester. The University provides a wide range of academic offerings. Stirling places its emphasis on teaching. For this reason you may have more direct access to professors than at other British universities. It also means that classroom work is highly valued. Nevertheless, students should be prepared for small tutorials and seminars, and in general less academic guidance than is the case in the U.S.


Participating students receive four Clark units per semester, provided all coursework is completed, all required exams are taken, and final papers are submitted. Students typically take three courses per semester. All courses receive letter grades, which show on the Clark transcript and are factored into the overall GPA. Please note that it is not possible to take courses Pass/Fail, and overloads (i.e. “5th” courses) are not permitted. Students must take a total of 66 Stirling credits for the semester to receive the credit equivalent of a four-unit Clark semester. Students are eligible to enroll in any course for which they are qualified, with the exception of a very few specialized subjects. Please check with the Study Abroad Office to ensure transferability of credit.




Students typically live in well-equipped, single-study bedrooms with a shared kitchen, bathroom facilities and common room. Students are free to cook for themselves or to make use of the University dining areas, restaurants and pubs. For more information please view the Stirling Student Accommodation website.


Approximate costs per semester for 2016-17


Estimated Personal Study Abroad Expenses

  • Housing - $2500 - $3600 (depending upon dormitory)
  • Meals - $1000
  • Visa Fees $0 (only required for year-long study; not required, for one semester)
  • Personal Expenses - $1200
  • Transportation (based on East Coast departure) - $1100
  • Local Transportation - $200
  • Books and Supplies - $200
  • Study Abroad/Away Admin. Fee - $1000

Total:  $27, 4000- $29,00


NOTE: These costs are estimates based on exchange rates at time of publication, and are subject to change.

*Personal expenses are based on student feedback, and vary dramatically based on individual spending habits. Estimated personal expenses include items such as food, personal travel, clothing, etc.


Application Information

In addition to Clark approval to study abroad, students must fill out the program specific application. Students should begin both processes at the same time.


  1. Download and fill out Clark application materials
  2. Submit Stirling application through their website.

For All Clark Programs:


All applicants must fulfill Clark University's eligibility requirements and the University of Stirling's study abroad program eligiblity requirements. Applications may be rejected for any number of reasons by the overseas program.

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