Requirements for students studying abroad

It is important that you understand how studying abroad will impact your personal and academc goals before you begin the application process. In order to study abroad during the academic year, students must:

In addition to Clark requirements, students must fulfil any program-specific requirement, which may include:


Senior residency requirement and study abroad

Students in their final two, full-time semesters at Clark ma ystudy abroad on a Clark-partner program ONLY.  Clark does not recommend studying abroad during the second semester of senior year.


Foreign Leave of Absence & Non-Partner programs

Students who cannot find a Clark-partner program that fits their personal, academic and professional needs may petition for approval to attend non-partner program through the Study Abroad office.

Students who study on a non-partner program must take an apprved Foreign Leave of Absence from the university.  Transfer credit must be pre-approved and Clark financia aid cannot be applied.  Please note that taking a leave of absence and applying transfer credit to your degree may affect your participation in the Accelerated Master's Degree program. Please see the Graduate Admissions website for details.

International Students & Study Abroad

International students who plan to study in their home country are not considered to be studying abroad. Transfer credit must be applied for and approved by Academic Advising.

  1. Clark University's Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements, including residency requirements
  2. Clark University academic requirements specific to fulfilling your major and your PLS requirements (discuss with your faculty advisor)

If a student does not meet the criteria for semester study abroad, it is recommended that the student looks into summer study abroad options.