Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Study Abroad Program Ambassadors

The Clark Study Abroad Student Ambassador group plays an important leadership role for students considering study abroad as part of their future academic plans.  As ambassadors they assist in presenting information sessions, provide general informal advising, and advocate for study abroad. Ambassadors also connect with one another to refect on their unique experiences and to discuss how they can use their acquired skills in the work force, graduate school, or other forward thinking ambitions.  These students have agreed to answer emails from students who have questions about the program they participated in.  Feel free to email them if you have questions.

Please contact the Study Abroad Office if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador.


American University

Arlynn Baer - Communications and Culture

Augsburg - Central America

Chelsea Viteri (5th year) - Theater

Augsburg - Southern Africa

Ashley Brun - International Development and Social Change

Molly McPhee (5th year) - International Development and Social Change

Miranda Weinstein (5th year) - Political Science

CAPA Dublin (Internship)

Kate Conquest - Communications and Culture

Ciara Killian - Political Science

Tess Reichart - English

CAPA London (Internship)

Andrew Ayres - Management

Katie Luczai - Political Science

CET Beijing


CET Shanghai (Internship)


CET Vietnam (Internship)

Lina Nguyen (5th year) - Political Science

CIEE Amman, Jordan

Hannah Rosenblum (5th year) - Geography

CIEE Berlin, Germany

CIEE Cape Town, South Africa

Zoe Fishman - Psychology

CIEE Dakar, Senegal

CIEE Santiago, DR

Emma Ogg - Cultural Studies and Communications

CIEE Haifa, Israel

CIEE Perth, Australia

CIEE Rennes, France

Khali Maden - Psychology

CIEE Seville, Spain

CIEE Valparaiso, Chile

Julia Lewitt (5th year) - Spanish

Kansai Gaidai, Osaka, Japan

Keane Gately - (5th year) Asian Studies/English

David Quiroa - Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

Zoha Naqvi - Psychology

Sanika Shah - Economics

Radhika Sharma - Economics

Maastricht CES, Maastricht, Netherlands

Maddie Cassidy - Global Environmental Studies

Julianna Murphy (5th year) - Biochemistry

School for Field Studies

Celine Miranda - Environmental Science and Conservation Biology

Hannah Silverfine - (5th year) Costa Rica - Geography

University of Stirling

Hannah Kogut - Screen Studies

Natalya Specian - Biology

University of Sussex

Arlynn Baer - Communications

Tandem Madrid

University of East Anglia

Audrey Dolan  (5th year) - English