Office of Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

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Study Abroad & Away Programs 2017-18

Country Full Name Language of Instruction Program Type Experiential Opportunities
Argentina CIEE Buenos Aires Spanish (some English) Hybrid A, C, I, L
Australia University of Tasmania English Direct Enroll A
Australia  CIEE Perth English Direct Enroll A, I
Australia  SFS Australia: Tropical Rainforest Studies English Study Center R
Botswana CIEE Gaborone English Study Center A, I
Cambodia SFS Cambodia: Conservation, Ethics, and Environmental Change English (some Khmer) Study Center R
Chile CIEE Santiago English and Spanish Hybrid I, L
China CET Beijing Chinese Studies and Internship English and Chinese  Study Center I, L
China CET Shanghai Chinese Studies and Internship English and Chinese  Study Center I, L
Costa Rica, Guetemala, Nicaraugua Augsburg CGEE Central America: Social Change in Central America English and Spanish Study Center A, C, L
Costa Rica SFS Costa Rica: Center for Sustainable Development Studies English and Spanish Study Center L, R
Czech Republic CET Prague English Study Center I, L
Dominican Republic CIEE Santiago DR Service Learning Program Spanish Study Center L, S
Europe EuroScholars  (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland) English Direct Enroll A, R
France CIEE Rennes French Direct Enroll A, L
France Dijon/ CIEF French Direct Enroll A, L
Germany CIEE Berlin Study Center: Open Campus English Study Center C, I, L, R
Germany University of Trier German and English Direct Enroll A,L
Ghana CIEE Legon English Hybrid A, R
Ireland Burren College of Art English Study Center A
Ireland CAPA Dublin English Study Center I
Israel Haifa International Relations English and Hebrew (some Arabic) Direct Enroll I, L
Italy Umbra Institute English and Italian Study Center C, L, R, S
Japan Kansai Gaidai University Asian Studies English (some Japanese) Direct Enroll A, L
Jordan CIEE Amman Middle East Studies English and Arabic Study Center C, L
Namibia Augsburg CGEE: Southern Africa, National-Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind English Study Center I
Netherlands Maastricht CES Central European Studies English Direct Enroll A, R
Panama SFS Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies English (some Spanish) Study Center L, R
Peru SFS Peru: Biology & Development in the Amazon English Study Center I, L, R
Senegal CIEE Dakar French, English and Wolof Study Center A, C, I, R
Spain CIEE Seville Spanish Hybrid I, L
Spain Tandem Spanish Language & Internship Program Spanish Study Center R
Tanzania SFS Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies English (some Swahili) Study Center C, I, R
Turks & Caicos SFS Turks and Caicos: Marine Resource Studies English Study Center C, I, S
UK - England Advanced Studies in England (ASE) English Study Center A
UK - England CAPA London English Study Center A
UK - England London School of Economics (LSE) English Direct Enroll A, R
UK - England SOAS University of London English Study Center A
UK - England University of Sussex English Direct Enroll A
UK - England University of East Anglia English Direct Enroll I
UK - Scotland University of Stirling English Direct Enroll I
United States American University Washington Semester Program English Direct Enroll I
United States CFSI Semester in the City English Study Center S, L
United States The Washington Center (TWC) for Internships English Study Center I
Vietnam CET Vietnam English  Study Center C, S, L




A= Academic Internship

C = Community Engagement

I = Internship

L = Language

R - Research available

S - Service Learning for credit


What if I don’t find a Clark-approved program that meets my academic needs?

Clark University has endeavored to create a program portfolio that meets the needs of students from every major.  However, students who have an academic need that cannot be met by a Clark-approved program may petition for transfer credit from a non-approved program.  Students must take a leave of absence and have this approval PRIOR to taking a leave.  Students must meet with the Associate Director or Director of the study abroad office for more information.



Application Requirements


For all programs you will have to fill out two different applications:


1. Application for Clark approval

1. Program-specific application for program admission (found on program's website; contact Clark Study Abroad staff for full application instructions.)


All students must first submit an Intent to Study Abroad form at least a semester prior to application and attend a Study Abroad 101. 


Deadlines to apply:


  • Fall and Full Year:  March 1
  • Spring: September 15


Explore the full application process.