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Clark University students in Goddard Library

Information for Parents and Family Members

Clark is leading the way in reinventing liberal education to prepare today's students for a world of work and life increasingly characterized by diversity, complexity, and change.

— Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges
and Universities

Why choose Clark?

As you wade through the top 100 colleges rankings, the common app, colleges with the best financial aid and university facts and statistics, you probably have more questions than answers. Which of the best liberal arts colleges will prepare my student for a successful career and fulfilling life? Where will my son or daughter be happiest? Will the experience be worth the cost?

We'll help answer each of your questions, but first we'll address this one: Why Clark?

An investment in Clark has lifelong and wide-ranging returns

Our innovative educational model, LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), provides students with the full range of skills they need to succeed personally and professionally in the 21st century. Clark students develop the traditional skills commonly associated with a liberal education—such as critical thinking and strong communication—as well as crucial abilities for the modern-day world and workplace, including resilience, persistence and the ability to link actions with consequences.

Clark is also committed to making our exceptional educational experience affordable. Welcoming students of all income levels is at the very heart of who we are. When financial aid is factored in, you will be surprised to find that the cost of attending Clark is comparable to—or less than—that of a state school. What's more, with Clark's accelerated degree program, eligible students can earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years—with the fifth year tuition-free.

Your student will be challenged—and forever transformed

Your son or daughter will be immersed in an active community of individuals dedicated to exploring interests and bringing about a more just and equitable world. By profoundly exploring the topics that most inspire them—whether designing a smart phone app during an internship or joining a research expedition to the Arctic Circle—students are able to put their learning into context, connect to mentors at and beyond Clark, and understand the world in order the change it for the better.

Clark is a path to personal fulfillment

Clark is much more than an education—it's the beginning of a lifelong journey of nonstop growth and exploration. Your student will tackle daunting global issues as an undergraduate, gain experience leading and working in diverse groups, and practice making smart, creative, timely and ethical decisions. And while accomplishing great things in the workplace, community and the world as an undergraduate—accomplishments that will impress future employers—your son or daughter will also gain the confidence, understanding and abilities to become a productive member of society.

Our goal is for your student to turn his or her talents into a rewarding career and a life that is full, fulfilling and impactful. But today, we want you to plan a campus visit to Clark. There's no better way to get know Clark than to immerse yourself in the University community for a day. We look forward to meeting you soon.