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Atwood Biographical Note:

1872, October 1 Born at Chicago, Illinois
1893(?)-1903 Student, The University of Chicago
(A.B. 1897, Ph.D. 1903)
1900 Married Harriet Towle Bradley 1900-1949 Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
1902-1913 Instructor to Associate Professor of Geology, The University of Chicago
1913-1920 Professor of Physiography, Harvard University
1920-1946 Professor of Physical and Regional Geography, Director of the Graduate School of Geography, and President, Clark University
1920 Publication of New Geography (Boston: Ginn & Company)
1925 Founded Economic Geography
1929-1933 President, National Parks Association
1932 Publication of Physiography and Quaternary Geology of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado (with Kirtley F. Mather) (Washington: U.S. Geological Survey)
1932-1935 President, Pan American Institute of Geography and History
1933-1934 President, Association of American Geographers
1940 Publication of The Physiographic Provinces of North America (Boston: Ginn & Company)
1945 Publication of The Rocky Mountains (New York: Vanguard Press)
1946 LL.D., Clark University
1946-1949 President Emeritus, Clark University
1949, July 24 Died at Annisquam, Massachusetts. Buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts