Archives and Special Collections

Blakeslee Series Descriptions

Series1: University and Personal Affairs (1 box)

Photographs of Blakeslee, and addresses given at Clark University and other institutions, arranged chronologically.

Series 2: General Correspondence (1 box)

Correspondence relating to conferences, addresses, books, teachings, and the World Peace Foundation as well as general correspondence, grouped by subject and arranged chronologically. Included in this series is a biography and curiculum vita.

Series 3: International Relations Activities (9 boxes)

Lectures, outlines of lectures, articles, pamphlets, press releases, "League of Nations" reports, clippings and correspondence written by Blakeslee and others. These are grouped geographically; China, the Far East, Japan, the Pacific Territories, the Philippines, and Russia, and arranged chronologically within those groups.

Series 4: Blakeslee Reprints (1 box)

Reprints of articles written by Blakeslee between 1909 and 1935, arranged chronologically.

Series 5: Pamphlets and Books (2 boxes)

Pamphlets from the Navy, War, and State Departments, the Foreign Policy Association, the Brookings Institution, and Senate Committee hearings, arranged chronologically.

Series 6: Clippings, Scrapbooks and Albums (10 boxes)

Blakeslee’s dissertation, and scrapbooks of articles, reprints, lecture programs, clippings, correspondence and photographs.