Material Related to Space


Box 1-1				Articles - General
				Articles - Apollo 11
				Maps of the Moon


Box 2-1				Apollo Coin, "Earth, Moon, Earth"
				Apollo 8 Medallion made with aluminum carried in orbit around Moon
				Apollo 11, silver, Commemorative Medal
				Apollo 11, silver, "Mission Accomplished"
				Apollo 11, silver (2), "First Lunar Landing
				Apollo 11 (2), "That's one small step…"
				Apollo 11, silver, "First manned landing on the Moon"
				Medal  carried by Aldrin on Apollo 11 given to ECG at Goddard
						Dinner, March 18, 1970
				Apollo 11, bronze, "Man's First Lunar Landing"
				Apollo 12, bronze (2)
				Apollo 12, "Yankee Clipper"
				Apollo 13, bronze
				Apollo 14, silver
				Apollo 14, silver from Franklin Mint
				Apollo 14, bronze
				Apollo 15, bronze
				Apollo 16, bronze
				Apollo 17, bronze
				Apollo 17, silver, Eyewitness Medal
				Gemini 12 coin
				Roswell's Centennial Coin, 1973
				White Sands Missile Range 25th Anniversary, 1970
				Wright Brothers coin, bronze, Hall of Fame for Great Americans at
					New York University
				Wright Brothers, Pioneers of Flight, Lindbergh Coin, bronze
				Framed photo of back of Wright Brothers, Pioneers of Flight coin
					with "Tribute to Apollo"
				10th Anniversary of Americans in Space by Franklin Mint, silver bar
				"They Came in Peace" Coin

Box 3-1				Notebook of Space Covers, stamped envelopes with
				Signature Album presented to ECG by William J.
				Framed First Day Cover honoring John H. Glenn
				Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States
					In the Exploration and Use of Outer Space,
					Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies
					(3 copies) with first day of issue stamps
				Agreement on the Rescue of Astronauts, the Return of 
					Astronauts and the Return of Objects Launched
					Into Outer Space, with first day of issue stamp
				25 space envelopes collected by Fred Zaugg


Box 4-1				Copy of plaque left on the Moon, July 1969
				Index cards autographed by 6 astronauts: Conrad,
					Cooper, Grissom, McDivitt, Young, White
				The Men from Planet Earth coaster
				Space Stickers and Badges
				Star of Space City charm
				Audio highlights of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing 
				Hamond Talking Series, Trip to the Moon record
				1st Moon Landing, July 1969 plate
				Apollo VII - XVII plate
				"That's one small step for a man,…" plastic plate
				Victoria Spatii, 1969 plate

Oversize materials 

	Lunar Module Model (kept in downstairs cabinet)
	Saturn 1 Rocket model (kept in downstairs cabinet)
	Framed "Special Collectors Series" of Apollo
	Astronauts Patches (kept on top of shelves)