Archives and Special Collections

Hall Series Description

Series 1: Personal and Family Papers (two boxes)

Letters pertaining to Hall's family, youth, education, and professional career until the return from his second trip to Germany, as well as family correspondence thereafter. Grouped by stage of Hall's life to 1880; thereafter, by topic or correspondent.

Series 2: Presidential Papers (21 boxes)

Correspondence relating to Clark University during Hall's presidency, arranged by subject, and chronologically within folders. Grouped into four subseries: Boxes 3-5 contain Hall's correspondence with Founders and Trustees, as well as other material relating to the early history of the University. Boxes 6-14 contain Hall's and Edmund C. Sanford's correspondence with, and other material relating to, early Clark University and Clark College faculty and staff, as well as material relating to vacancies in and applications for faculty and staff positions. Boxes 15-20 contain material largely relating to the internal administration of Clark University. Boxes 21-23 contain correspondence with organizations outside the University.

Series 3: Professional and General Correspondence (four boxes)

Surviving correspondence relating to Hall's professional interests. Grouped largely by individual, and arranged chronologically within one surname; a few folders grouped by subject at the end.

Series 4: Miscellaneous Speeches, Notes, Articles, and Biographical Material (five boxes)

Some published and unpublished addresses and notes, grouped by type of material, to a degree, by subject; also materials relating to Dorothy Ross' biography of Hall.

Series 5: Annual Reports (three boxes)

Series 6: Graduate Student Correspondence (13 boxes)

Series 7: Topical Syllabi (two boxes)

Series 8: Circulars (one box)

Series 9: Photographs (two boxes)

Series 10: Miscellaneous Material (one box)