Robert H. Goddard Library

Goddard Library at night.


Guidelines for Reserve

  1. Lists are processed in the order in which we receive them. If, however, the bookstore experiences problems in filling your orders we'll expedite the placing of the corresponding library books, your own personal books or chapters from missing books (in accordance with copyright regulations) on Reserve. Please speak to Katie or another full-time staff person to be sure that your materials do not go into the regular queue.
  2. Reserve lists from the last four years are held at the Reserve Desk. If you'd like to reuse a list you previously used, please let us know and we'll get it to you.
  3. How to actually prepare a list for Reserve:
    • BOOKS THAT GODDARD OWNS: List the author, title, and call-number (from the on-line catalog) of each book requested. Please remember that books may need to be recalled from another borrower, searched if not right on the shelf, or reordered if lost. Please plan accordingly. Also, if you are asking for a book to be placed on Reserve and YOU have checked it out, please let us know in order to expedite processing. And if your class has begun and you are asking for the library's books to be placed on Reserve, please tell your students so they don't check them out before we get to them.
    • BOOKS THAT GODDARD DOES NOT OWN: List the author, title, and any other information that you have. If you need a specific edition, TELL US! Send the orders to either the Reserve Desk or to the Acquisitions Department. Don't forget to tell us the class for which the books are being ordered. And remember that the ordering process may take six to eight weeks.
    • JOURNAL ARTICLES THAT YOU ARE SUPPLYING: List author and title. Please be as specific as possible. Material should comply with copyright Law – if not, your material could be delayed while we check it.
    • JOURNAL ARTICLES THAT WE ARE COPYING: We need a FULL CITATION for each article if we are copying them. This includes author and title of the article as well as the journal title, volume, number, and pagination. We will make ONE copy of the article to be placed on Reserve. If you are sending someone to the library to place materials on Reserve for you, please be sure that they have your course information. If articles are in one of our electronic databases we can link them electronically to your course reserves.
  4. If your material is already in envelopes and labeled according to our label samples, things will definitely move along more quickly when we get to your list. BUT, in order to keep track of all of your (and your colleagues' ) materials, we need to have the material processed in a standardized way so lists and materials can be found again. Therefore, you cannot put materials on Reserve yourself.
  5. Materials dropped off at the Reserve Desk during the first few weeks of the semester are not always immediately available to your students. Many of your colleagues are also dropping off materials at the same time. Each member of the library staff has a specific job description and responsibilities. Please do not expect non-Reserve staff to process your materials; therefore please allow adequate time for the Reserve staff to do our job.
  6. Material on Reserve is listed by author and title. It is the simplest way to keep track of the thousands of items on Reserve for any one semester and the most compatible with Library of Congress cataloging.
  7. We cross list courses on Reserve to help your students find material as long as we know WHICH courses to list. Please be consistent when you send material - don't list Geography one week and ID the next.
  8. We cannot place ILL material, rented material, or materials from other libraries (campus or other institutions ) on Reserve. We also cannot place anthologies of your (or your colleagues') making on Reserve unless you submit proof of copyright permission.

    It would also be appreciated if you let us know when you are adding additional copies of materials to Reserve as opposed to just adding materials to Reserve. This, of course, presupposes Copyright permission. Notification that materials are additional copies speeds the cataloging process as they can be added to an existing bibliographic record and we do not have to change enumeration information at a later date.
  9. Questions can hopefully be answered by e-mailing the Reserve Department or calling x7132 during the day. Please ask for Katie Stebbins or another full-time staff member. Most student assistants work in too narrowly defined jobs and too few hours to be able to give you consistently accurate information.