Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library


  • Focus on Environmental Hazards and Risks, Global Environmental Change, International Development, Sustainability, Water Resources, Technology and Energy Policy
  • Over 35,000 books, technical reports and government documents in the collection. The catalogued collection is searchable through the Clark University Online Library Catalog
  • Journals and newsletters related to the library's focus areas including Climate Policy, Disasters, Ecological Economics, Gender and Development, Global Environmental Change, International Journal of Water Resources Development, Journal of Risk Research, Society and Natural Resources and more
  • Internal database of grey literature accessible at the Kasperson Library
  • Databoxes containing information on a wide range of topics within the library's areas of specialization from Air Pollution to Food Security to Women and Development and many more
  • IDCE (Department of International Development, Community, and Environment) Masters Papers
  • Bibliographies on selected topics including Social Movements, Fracking, Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Worcester Resources with more to be compiled
  • Worcester Refugee Archive, a repository for material related to Worcester's refugee and forced migration communities housed at the Kasperson Library