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Research and Predictions. Clark students who presented their research and predictions on the swing state of Florida were: Zachary Doenmez '14, Arber Skendaj '13, Christine Rojcewicz '13, and Shannon Donnellan '15
'American Presidency' students forecast crucial swing state votes.

Dr. Jane Lubchenco. The Mosakowski Institute teamed with Clark's George Perkins Marsh Institute to sponsor this year's Geller Lecture, featuring NOAA Administrator and eminent scientist Dr. Jane Lubchenco.

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President David Angel and Dr. Jane Lubchenco

Inaugural Symposium. In celebration of David P. Angel's Inauguration as Clark's Ninth President, The Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise presented a panel on "The Great Recession and Its Impact on Families" to alumni, faculty, students and staff on September 24, 2010 at Clark's Traina Center for the Arts.

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Sociology Prof. Robert J. S. Ross and graduate student Laura Faulkner '10, MPA '11 respond to a question from the audience at the Symposium.

In the fall 2008, the Boston Globe asked Mosakowski Institute Director Jim Gomes to write a series of op-ed columns setting forth challenges that confront America early in the 21st century. The result was the "American Challenges" Series (below).

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Half our children left behind
Op-ed on urban education and Clark's University Park Campus School.

By James R. Gomes — appeared in the Boston Globe as "Worcester's Turnaround School," April 21, 2008

A better way to choose a college
Smart colleges give students a healthy dose of the real world.

By Richard M. Freeland — from the January '08 edition of The Christian Science Monitor