Carlson Science Library

Chemistry Internet Resources

ACS Careers A job search site from the American Chemical Society.

CFD Online An online center for Computational Fluid Dynamics, including an annotated list of links to CFD resources around the world.

ChemBioGrid A selected list of chemistry databases on the Internet.

Chemical Information Sources An exhaustive list of chemistry links, originally compiled by Gary Wiggins at Indiana University.

Cornell University MSDS Links to a number of resources to track down Material Safety Data Sheets.

Directory of Open Access Journals Provides open access to over 3,800 journals.

DOE Green Energy A portal from the Department of Energy containing technical reports, patents and more on various forms of Green Energy including solar, wind, and bioenergy.

Free Patents Online A patent serch engine providing documents in PDF format. Also allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds in specific industries.

Information Bridge From the Department of Energy, full-text research and development reports in biology, environmental sciences, physics, chemistry and many other areas.

Knovel Critical Tables Tables of physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties.

NIST Chemistry WebBook Provides thermochemical, thermophysical and ion energetics data.

Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry From the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, a reproduction of their "Blue Book".

The Periodic Table of Videos A collection of short videos about each of the elements in the Periodic Table, produced by the University of Nottingham.

WebSpectra A library of spectroscopy problems for chemistry students to practice interpretation.

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