Summer Science Research for Undergraduates

Students who are majoring in the sciences have the opportunity to take advantage of a paid summer research fellowship at Clark. Summer research provides students the chance to work with a faculty member and often with members of the faculty member's research group (including post-docs, graduate students, and other undergraduates) on collaborative research. All students have the opportunity to present their research at either Fall Fest or Academic Spree Day and some students present at regional or national events. Students may also become involved with publishing research findings.


  • Students must have declared a major in one of the following areas: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics or Physics.
  • Environmental science majors must be doing a project in a biological, natural, or physical science area (field or lab work, including computational); policy or social science projects are not eligible for the summer science fellowships.
  • Students are normally expected to work on their research project for ten weeks, but no less than eight weeks (with reduced summer stipend).
  • Scholarships are for research with a Clark faculty mentor. In certain circumstances a non-Clark research may act as mentor, but in all cases there must be a designated Clark mentor.

Want to learn more

Students should contact their faculty advisor about applying to conduct summer science research. Planning is essential. In addition to checking information on each department or program's undergraduate webpages, interested students can explore the research of some of Clark science faculty and students

Other helpful webpages include

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Majors Webpages

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Math and Computer Science