Summer Community of Scholars

Alicia Alterio, Undergraduate ‘10

As an undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry at Clark, I initially recognized my interest in research during the summer preceding my junior year as I began working at EMD Serono, a biopharmaceutical company. Originally, I was hired to update a plasmid inventory, but as I completed my work ahead of schedule I was allowed to partake in research projects involving the generation of new plasmids to be used in the development of pharmaceuticals. After returning to school in the fall, I was captivated with the possibilities and opportunities of research and began volunteering in a physiology lab at UMass Medical School. Since that time, I have continued to volunteer in the lab, helping to discover more details concerning the regulation of transcription during the development of the nervous system. I was recently awarded the Beaver’s Fellowship in Biochemistry, which will permit me to focus on my own research project related to transcriptional regulation during neurogenesis over the summer.

Outside the Lab: In addition to attending school and volunteering in the UMass lab, I volunteer at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the Emergency Department where I spend time assisting patients as well as providing them with the basic necessities. On the weekends I can be found working as a server at Stanney’s, my family’s restaurant. In my free time I enjoy reading, photography, hiking, skiing and being with my family. After I graduate from Clark I plan on attending medical school.

Awards: Lise Anne and Leo E. Beavers II Research Fellowship, Summer 2009