Summer Community of Scholars

Who's making new discoveries?

The Human-Environment Regional Observatory-Central Massachusetts (HERO-CM) research program provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to analyze the causes and consequences of global environmental changes at local scales in faculty-led research projects.


I have been interested in environmental science for a long time. In high school I was always excited to learn about organisms interacting with one another and their environment. So when I came to Clark and learned about the Environmental and Conservation Biology major I knew it was the course of study for me to take. I first started working in the Foster/Baker labs in the beginning of my Sophomore year, where I helped Dianne Suggs gather data on her research project, which studied plasticity levels in stickleback reproduction. In the spring I began to help in the fish room where I helped to maintain the tanks. I hope in the future to assist with more research in the labs and begin my own research project.

This summer, as part of the Beaver Fellowship I hope to do research on female sticklebacks pertaining to stress factors and genetic lineage. I want to be able to tie my research in this field to my interest in environmental science. Outside factors are a common cause of stress in organisms. This includes environmental changes, especially rapid environmental change caused by human action. In the fall of my sophomore year I did a research project in an Evolution class about how the alteration of the environment through human actions affects stickleback evolution. Hopefully I will be able to find what I want to research in the future through my work with the Beaver Fellowship this summer. I believe that this is a great opportunity for me as I further explore fields of biology and environmental science. It is my hope that with an environmentally-conscious President, there will be many opportunities in the near future to do work preserving the environment and working for the good of the planet

Outside the Lab

When not working on science or helping in the labs, I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I am in the middle of several writing projects and I am illustrating a comic series my friends and I hope to get published. I love doing traditional art and exploring other mediums that I can express myself in. I have also been known to participate in Clark Musical Theater’s shows.


Lise Anne and Leo E. Beavers II Research Fellow, summer 2009