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Who's a HERO?


I am a soon to be a graduate of Clark University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and English. While not activily looking for a career in English my interests in this subject are American Literature, Science Fiction, Pre-Romantic English Literature (espically Shakespeare) and Creative Writing. I also enjoy the WWI poets. My interests in Computer Science include Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, General Programming (for instance I have taken courses in Operating Systems, Compilers and an online course on programming with Cuda) and Game Design. I have been hired by Epic Systems as an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and will start June 1st in Wisconson.

In my time programming at Clark and my short-time in industry I have written several projects with over 1000+ lines of code. A list of these projects follow (chronologically): implementing a scheme interpreter using C; creating a Java simulation of Discrete Wavelet Transform from my own research and for reading text; manipulating open-source code for the needs of the company; adapting existing/confusing code to the preferences of the end user; building an operating system off simulated hardware to test specifications; taking a paper on morphing two two-dimensional images smoothly through a technique called morphing; and built a ray-tracer with recursive reflection and refraction computations. I have also designed and built two games, What If? as a group Software Engineering project and Falling's Children: The Hunters as part of an Honors Project.

My short term goal is to continue work on my honors project of building a game in my spare time. Long term goals would be to get a job in the game industry and eventually creatively design or produce my own game. My overall goal, however, is to become a better programmer in any discipline.

I am also a member of the Clark Ultimate Frisbee team and spend the free time I do have playing video games (sometimes learning about them).

My experience is 2 years programming in C, 1 year experience programming using perl, and 2 years experience programming in Java (and I know a little html).

Honor's Work

This is all the paper work and design elements for my game. Overcoming the Sickness was the paper academic paper for the capstone, but it also contains the concepts, character bios, other elements, a sample script and the full novel for the game. The story is a work in progress.

I am also posting the slides from my presentation at Academic Spree Day at Clark University, 2009.

Here is the first part of the game, Falling Children's: The Hunters. Alot of the concepts are missing but with less than three months to build it and a lack of experience, I am happy with the results. I used a tool called Game Maker which will appear if when you run the game. All the artwork is my own except for textures that came from the art tool, Gimp. For more about the game, the second half of my presentation slides explains the decisions I made in building the game and the paper, Overcoming the Sickness, will explain the vision for the game. Note: It is an executable.

I also spent the summer of '08 working on a motion-planning project with Professor Li Han and Professor Rudolph. It began my work on the Computer Science aspect of my Honors project, understanding the principals of animation and motion-planning. It was a fun experience and I only wish that I could have spent more time on it with them (I also had a full-time job with a company named ExaGrid). I could not do justice to the project explaining it here, so here is the link to the website. My work on the project was helping with the early design and helping Sam with the integration of mathematical formulas into working code.

Other Work

This is the software engineering project we worked on at Clark. It is not very good and may not even run but it was my first experience in group programming and managing peers. I mainly worked on design and oversaw the art that went in this game - anything we could not find I created (mainly backgrounds). We finished it in one semseter.

Here is another example of my writing "Upon the Carrier Pigeon". This started out as a four page story and became 20 and an intro to another story I would love to write one day.

My resume is available here with a full work history.

You can reach me at or with any comments or any other suggestions about this site and the work on it.