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Scanning tunneling microscope technology lets us manipulate and image

Scanning tunneling microscope technology lets us manipulate and image at the scale of individual atoms. Here IBM puts iron atoms on copper to form a quantum corral. Coming in 2011!

Imaging Across Spatial Scales:  Modern Tools for an Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum at Clark University

The sciences at Clark have a rich history of involving undergraduates in meaningful research in a collaborative learning environment where they work alongside faculty and graduate students. Building on this history, science faculty recently developed an ambitious plan for curricular reform that emphasizes the role interdisciplinary connections and developmental progressions play in training the best scientists for the future. The plan embeds science education within a broad liberal education framework by emphasizing, through inquiry based learning, the development of creativity and critical thinking skills. Also central is the goal of improving research abilities, such as training students to use progressively more advanced research tools and increasing their participation in faculty-led research teams such that they are well prepared to be innovative researchers involved in cutting-edge science by their senior year.

Clark has sought funding for state-of-the-art science equipment, built around the promise of imaging and the role it can play in training the next generation of scientist-problem solvers. Imaging is central to great breakthroughs in the sciences. The Sherman Fairchild Foundation has supported, since July of 2008, the acquisition of new scientific equipment that will be shared by several departments.

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Radio telescopeThis standard satellite TV dish has been converted into a radio telescope.  Rather than collecting the latest episode of the Simpsons, the latest solar flare activity of the sun can be monitored or the rotation profile of our galaxy can be mapped.  Coming 2011 or sooner!