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Jessica Baker


As an undergraduate mathematics and physics major my interest lies at the junction between the two fields. I was curious to see how the world of experimental physics research connected to some of the mathematics I had seen in classes.

In June of 2008, I began physics research under Prof. Arshad Kudrolli, continuing this research through this academic year. In Professor Kudrolli’s granular matter research lab, I began my own project studying packings of the platonic solids or more generally, how the shape of a particle affects the density of a pile of such particles. This requires taking into account the way in which a packing is created, and the geometry of the particles. A first experience with experimental research has provided me knowledge and background to the research process, and has given me a chance to work with applying mathematics to physics research.

Outside the lab

In addition to school and research I am an active member of Clark University athletics. After being a gymnast throughout all of grade school, I needed an outlet to keep flipping and twisting so I joined the Clark diving team, and am still flipping 4 years later. I am also a rower and co-captain of the varsity crew team. It is beautiful to see the sun rise every morning while out on the lake for practices.