Summer Community of Scholars

Who's a HERO?

The Human-Environment Regional Observatory-Central Massachusetts (HERO-CM) research program provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to analyze the causes and consequences of global environmental changes at local scales in faculty-led research projects.



HERO Experience

I worked with three other fellows in the Massachusetts Forest Monitoring Program to implement a methodology for detecting land change using satellite imagery. This new method sought to back date and update one land cover map, instead of detecting change between two completely separate maps. This is a much more efficient and accurate way of monitoring land change. We also conducted field work in western Massachusetts to validate the forest classes of the 2000 land-cover map to make sure it adequately classified differences between deciduous, mixed, and coniferous forests. This was a rewarding experience that helped me better understand the scientific method and the necessary components of research. After I graduate with a B.A. I will pursue Master's degree in GIS at Clark.


I live in Buffalo, NY and am a senior at Clark studying Environmental Science. I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, as well as playing ultimate frisbee and soccer. I like to read books about military history and war in general, and of course Harry Potter.