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Stephanie Wilson


Rhodes College

I am a senior psychology major at Rhodes College—a small liberal arts institution in Memphis, TN. In the spring of my junior year, I was awarded a research scholarship to study absolutely anywhere I wanted in preparation for my honors project. "Easy," I thought. "Clark University." My research advisor had mentioned this possibility in conjunction with the name of an eminent developmental psychologist, Professor Michael Bamberg, whose thoughtful papers on discursive identity positioning—a corpus in line with my own research interests—had helped to shape my theoretical stance and whetted my appetite for more.

During my summer at Clark with Professor Bamberg, I was oriented to new media of data, formed lasting relationships with Clark undergraduates and graduate students, networked with scholars around the world at a conference in Quebec City, edited manuscripts, explored my own data and research methodology in novel ways, and developed a weakness for Dunkin Donuts coffee. Under Dr. Bamberg's tutelage, the Clark fellowship experience inspired important editions to my honors thesis, enriched my perspective as a student of psychology, fortified my passion for academia, and informed my continuing journey toward graduate school and beyond. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling summer research experience than the one at Clark, where the people are nurturing and hospitable, and where the authentic commitment to lifelong learning rouses a spirit of community.