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School of Professional Studies

Jonas Clark Building

Innovation, Leadership, Effective Practice

Clark University's School of Professional Studies is focused on three things — innovation, leadership and effective practice.

With a faculty that demonstrates innovation, leadership and effective practice, we seek to instill these values in our students, who can then carry them into the workplace.

Clark has been a leader in providing graduate-level education to mid-career adults and students from throughout the world through its continuing education programs for more than 75 years. By earning a master's degree in public administration, professional communication or information technology from the School of Professional Studies, our students can better achieve their career goals, whether they're working in the public, private or non-profit sector.

Our extensive faculty have taught in some of the most prestigious colleges in the world, but also have professional workplace experience, so an education from the School of Professional Studies combines the best of academic and real-world education.

With students from more than 90 countries, partnerships with 150 non-profits and businesses around the world, and campuses or satellite offices in Poland, Russia and China, Clark's School of Professional Studies recognizes that today's classroom spans the world.

The school shares the university's strengths in liberal arts, psychology, geography, environmental studies, and international and interdisciplinary programs.

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