School of Professional Studies



John Chetro-Szivos, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Research Interests/Specialization: The complexity of communication and health, geographic and cultural barriers to communication, and interpersonal neurobiology

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Richard M. Aroian, M.B.A.

Program Lead, Master of Science in Information Technology

Research Interests/Specialization: Channel development strategies; international marketing; high-value applications; enterprise software, services and infrastructure

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Laura Myers, M.S.W., Ed.D.

Program Lead, Graduate Internships and Community Development

Research Interests/Specialization: Program development, nonprofit management

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Mary M. Piecewicz, M.B.A.

Program Lead, Master of Arts in Public Administration Program Lead, Professional Leadership

Research Interests/Specialization: Business ethics and policy, intercultural communication, program and project management

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Stephanie Medden

Academic Advisor, Program Lead

Research Interests/Specialization: Critical cultural studies, consumer culture, advertising, identity, race and ethnicity

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