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Certificate in Community Human Services

Curriculum and Course Schedule

The certificate program will consist of five education blocks. Each session of one of the blocks will occur on a weekday, during the day. There are five session in each block, and there is a break of at least two weeks between each block.

Each block is the equivalent of one graduate level class, and the classes are the same that are taught to graduate students in masters degree programs.
Course descriptions [DOC]

Block 1

  • Human Services Management

Block 2

  • Legal Issues for Nonprofits
  • Human Resources I

Block 3

  • Human Resources II
  • Fundraising and Development

Block 4

  • Entrepreneurial Nonprofits I
  • Financial Management I

Block 5

  • Entrepreneurial Nonprofits II
  • Financial Management II

Certificate Program Participant Responsibilities

Community health and service agencies that wish to sponsor an employee, or more than one employee, to enroll for the Certificate in Community Human Service Management must:

  • Pay a $50 Agency Application Fee (regardless of agency applicants)
  • Agree to give enrolled employees paid time off in order to attend classes and to participate in a CCHSM evaluation
  • Adjust employee/student work requirements
  • Pay a tuition fee; Council members pay $1500 per student, non-members pay $2500.

In return, all CCHSM enrollees will commit to:

  • Attend at least 20 out of 24 sessions
  • Complete all assigned homework and participate in class. Homework assignments will take three to seven hours to complete a week
  • Agree to invest a maximum of $100 per Education Block in educational materials
  • Continue employment with their sponsoring agency for at least one year following their graduation