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Get Involved With Hall Governance?

Living on-campus gives you a unique opportunity to connect and grow. As a residence hall student, many opportunities exist for you to get involved in our community. Besides helping you make new friends, develop leadership skills, and just have some fun, getting involved on campus enhances your academic and personal success! Here are three great ways to get involved in your community. Hall Governance refers to the intentional inclusion of student voices in the development, growth, programmatic, service and overall experience of living within Clark’s housing system. There are three main structures created to facilitated this process, each of these components are explained below:

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (commonly referred to as RHA) is the umbrella organization of the residence hall councils of Clark University. The association is composed of a student-run executive board, and a general assembly consisting of a representative from all of the residential halls. RHA is a major programming body on campus and funds various endeavors in pursuit of enhancing the quality of life on campus, with events ranging from sporting events to activities during the Week of Happiness. This organization meets weekly to plan for events, hear proposals, and discuss concerns and issues related to life in the residence halls. Members are selected each spring for various leadership opportunities. For more information contact RHA@clarku.edu

Top Row (left to right):
Robbie Franklin, President | Carly Robbins, Treasurer |Juliet Kyaw, Marketing and Outreach Committee
Right Hand Column (top to bottom):
Markus Stein, Director of Elections and Recruitment | Amy Wong, Secretary |
Shayon Roy, NCC (National Communications Coordinator) |Bernny Ramirez, Director of Programming |
Rachel Polinsky, Marketing and Outreach Committee
Bottom Row (left to right):
Daniel Padilla, RA Representative | Kelly Hancock, Marketing and Outreach Committee | Spencer Biddle, Director of Programming

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Clark University is proud to honor students who have devoted their time and energy to the residence community. A chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary was established to recognize residents who have made outstanding contributions. Membership is by invitation only, and the size of the group is limited to 15 members. For more information contact NRHH@clarku.edu

*Not pictured here Lead Bodin

Hall Council

Hall Councils are made up of appointed or elected students within the specific hall and assists in providing peer to peer programming for those who live with each Hall. The nature and structure of each Hall Council varies from building to building these residents who work closely with the Residential Life staff to provide input on housing policies and coordinate a variety of educational and social activities to complement academic development. Ask your Area Coordinator or Hall Director for details on how to get involved.